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You may remember that, a few weeks ago, I wrote a quick post on Argo Naturals - a company that recently sent me a couple of items for review (that post is here).

I wouldn't normally do an introductory post when I'm sent anything by a company, but I hadn't heard of Argo Naturals before and the brand has an interesting story, which is why I wrote that first post.

Anyhoo. I won't go into all that now: what I want to do now is talk about this awesome rose water spray that I've been testing over the past few weeks. It's easily one of the best sprays I've used (more on that below), and while the packaging could do with some tweaking because the spray itself is too forceful and directed, you can easily get around that by decanting it into another bottle, which is what I've done.

Argo Naturals claims/product details:
  • Rose water benefits are numerous to all skin types 
  • It can help maintain skin fairness and beauty, soothe sensitive and irritated skin, soften mature skin, reduce wrinkles, sustain skin’s pH balance and clean oily skin
  • Made from several beneficial active ingredients including anti-oxidants and vitamins
  • Helps reduce the progressive signs of ageing by activating and nourishing skin cells and blood circulation
  • Protects and heals
  • Has anti-inflammatory, natural antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties
  • Can be used for skin protecting and rejuvenating, as a natural hair beautifier or refreshing facial spray, for the teeth and gums, and for relaxation and stress relief (for more info on rose water's benefits and how to use it, see Argo Naturals' website here)
  • RRP $18.90 for 150ml


This is one of the best facial sprays I've used.

Before I sing its praises, I'll comment briefly on the packaging because that's something I don't love: it's one of those overly forceful, directed sprays that leaves you with droplets on your face and needs patting in. 

It also shifted my makeup a little when I first used it (that's how strong it is - although I might have been holding it too close as well ; )) and I found I was using too much product per application in an attempt to cover my whole face, because the mist's span wasn't broad enough.

While the packaging mightn't be an issue for you if you're eg using it on your hair, I suspect it will bother most people who want to use it as a refresher over makeup, which is how I use it. Having said this, you can easily decant the product into another bottle - and I did this after the first few uses because I didn't want the packaging to influence how I felt about the spray itself.

Packaging aside, I've been comparing this to three other facial mists while testing it, and I reckon it's better than all of them. Those products are from Alpha-H, Swisse and Mario Badescu (the famous Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, reviewed here).

I focused my comparison on the Mario Badescu product because they're both rose water sprays, and the Mario Badescu product is very popular so many will have tried it. It's also the best of the three comparison sprays I currently have open.

What I found is that this Argo Naturals product is instantly more cooling, soothing and refreshing on the skin, and the effect lasts longer. Not only does it feel more refreshing for longer when applied (ie, I can really feel this for a good ten minutes after spraying, versus 30 seconds for the Mario Badescu product), this one also keeps my dry skin hydrated for longer. 

This means I need less daily applications of this spray than I do the other product: on average two sprays of this versus five or six of the other one. So it might cost a few dollars more in theory, but in practice I don't need to apply it as much and the bottle also contains more product, so it works out to be less expensive in the long run.

When I use this, not only does my skin feel refreshed, but it looks brighter and more hydrated too. While it does make my skin look happier overall, I don't think it's as good as MAC's Fix+ when it comes to plumping lines and taking five years off my face - but it's definitely up there and MAC tests on animals so I've been boycotting the brand anyway. (Plus the MAC product is significantly more expensive.)

I don't think this spray has any impact in terms of making my makeup last longer, but I have dry skin so makeup tends to 'cling' to my face without the use of heavy-duty primers or setting sprays. If you have normal or oily skin, you may be able to comment on this aspect, but I can't.

In sum, I love this product and it's definitely one I would buy. While I don't like the pump itself, that's an easy fix with a product like this because you can switch it to another container.

I've given this an HG tag. While Argo Naturals did send me this product for review, I'm not being paid by the company - nor am I affiliated with it in any way - and I only ever give honest opinions.

What's your favourite facial spray? I'd love to hear : )

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