Project Pan 2016 mini update #4


This is just a super short note to say that I've removed the above SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipstick in Ranunculus from my Project Pan list because the contents have separated slightly and it smells a little different than it used to, so I suspect it's starting to turn.

Lucky I moved it onto my list! I've had over six weeks' daily use of it (plus the time I trialled it when I first received it), so at least I can say that I got my money's worth since it only cost about $9 to start with. Phew!

My SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipstick in Beluga is still ok so that's staying in circulation for now. I do prefer Beluga to this shade so if one had to go, I'm glad it was Ranunculus. If I loved the product I might be keeping it a little longer because it hasn't gone horribly gross, but it's too pale for me anyway so there's no point persisting.

I've decided not to replace it with anything because my PP list is long enough as it is, plus I'd been counting the two SweetPea & Fay lipsticks as one product anyway.

I'll check back in soon with a full update on my list for this month. I've been making some good progress on my powders so I'm looking forward to that post : )

Let me know how you're going with Project Pan, if you're doing it this year.

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