Davroe Replenish Jojoba Créme Treatment - review


You may remember that I changed up my haircare routine around a month ago and decided to test out this Davroe kit, which I've had sitting around for ages.

Unfortunately I haven't had the best luck with the kit so far, and I've already cast the shampoo and conditioner aside because my hair was suffering so I wanted to return to better products (I've reviewed the shampoo and conditioner here).

Unfortunately this jojoba treatment isn't much better, and I used it for the fourth and final time last night - it's not doing me any favours so I only wanted to use it enough so I could write this review, and I don't want to use it again.

Davroe claims/product details:
  • Strengthens and rebuilds weakened hair
  • Penetrates the hair shaft, working from the inside to help fortify and renew
  • Reduces premature colour fade
  • Restores shine and silkiness 
  • Leaves hair in optimum condition
  • RRP $24.95 AUD for 200ml

I wanted to comment briefly here on the two tubes I received in this kit (so this treatment and the straightening balm). Both tubes aren't well-made and I have issues putting the cap back on whenever I use them - for some reason it doesn't like attaching itself to the body of the tube and I find myself having to spend a few minutes each use trying to click the cap into place, and I need serious elbow-grease to do it. 

Sure, this issue isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it's annoying and it's not a good thing when you're in a rush. I'm not sure if it's just a problem with this particular kit, but I suspect it's not because both tubes have the same issue. Worth mentioning, anyway.


I used this again last night one final time and I'm regretting it today because my hair isn't happy with me at all. It somehow feels both coated and dry at the same time, and it's limp and dull and just doesn't look good.

I've tried this mask a few ways over the four times I've used it: applying less or more, leaving it on for longer or shorter periods of time, with or without a shower cap to help it along. I've found that the result is the same each time so I don't think there's a trick to using this in a way that gives the best outcome.

I'm having a look at my hair now and it's frizzy, dull and uncooperative, and it feels dry and crackly to the touch. The ends are in worse shape than usual and it's knotty and looks more damaged and dehydrated than usual. I'm also aware of a film coating it when I touch it, and to be honest I can't wait to wash my hair again and remove every last trace of the product. It's just not for me.

So in sum, I can't recommend this product and I don't think it meets its claims. Perhaps it might be ok if your hair isn't dry and frizzy like mine, but it doesn't agree with me and I'll either pass it on or just use it to protect my hair from the chlorine when I take my daughter swimming.

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