Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01, Rose Shimmer - review and swatches


I received a couple of these Clarins glosses from my sister, who was swimming in products and wanted to offload a few.

I've seen so much about these online that I was pleased to try them because I wanted to know what the fuss was about, and while I can see why people love them, I'd quite like to try them in darker, more pigmented colours since the two I have don't offer much punch on their own.

They come with a foam applicator that I'm not quite sure about because it starts to look pretty rank pretty quickly, plus it attracts bits of dirt and dust so I constantly find myself cleaning it and even then it stays looking well-used. 

The two I have are smaller in size so the applicator fortunately won't get used quite as much as it would for the full-size, but I imagine a large tube would have a very dirty applicator by the time you get to the end of the product. Yes you can clean it, but I think I'd prefer a simple plastic applicator, which would be more hygienic. Or maybe that's just me.

Clarins claims/product details:
  • A softly textured lip gel with a deliciously sweet scent and 3D shimmer
  • Experience the lusciously smooth, shiny and fuller lips you've always dreamed of
  • Sheer, but shaded enough to wear alone or to complement your favourite lip shade
  • Nourishes, repairs and protects lips to leave them incredibly beautiful
  • Day by day lips are more kissable, simply irresistible
  • Ingredients include shea butter, wild mango and derivatives of vitamins a and e
  • Wear alone or over lipstick
  • RRP $28 AUD for 10ml, but do shop around

There's a swatch in direct sunlight (thick layer of product):

And in natural light:

Sheered out, direct sunlight:

And in the shade:

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the product, indirect sunlight:

Natural light:

 In the shade:


This is one of those situations where I'd seen so much about a product that I was expecting to be bowled over when I tried it, which is never a good place to start since you're so often disappointed because your expectations were so high.

I won't say I'm disappointed in this gloss because I do think it's a good product, but I must admit that I was expecting something more, given the hype.

It's a medium thick gloss that's not sticky and has a sweet, sugary scent that isn't too strong. It has a touch of shimmer that lifts the face but isn't too much. The product does transfer as any gloss will, but it does hang around a bit so I don't feel I need to apply it as often as I do many other glosses.

Shade 01 Rose Shimmer is a nice, soft shade that you can wear on its own or over a more pigmented lipstick to tone it down, and while I do like it, it's not one I often reach for because I have glosses that are more suited to my warm, medium skintone.

As mentioned above, I don't love the sponge applicator because of how dirty it gets and how often I need to clean it, and I'd prefer just a simple plastic tip that's more hygienic. The foam does make applying the gloss quite a soft, smoothing experience, but I got over that pretty quickly when I saw how dirty it was after only a few uses.

As for the product itself, my favourite thing about it is that it's nourishing and it leaves my lips in good condition. So many lip products dry out my lips so I need to keep applying them to stay hydrated, but I don't with this so I think the formula is better for my lips than many other products I've tried.

On the product claims: yes it's softly textured and it does have a sweet scent; yes it leaves your lips looking smooth, shiny and more full; and yes it seems to nourish, protect and repair my lips where other products don't.

All in all, I think this is a good gloss but I wouldn't pay full price for it because glosses aren't something I tend to throw my money at - I'm just as happy to pick something up whenever one of the big pharmacies is having a fifty per cent off sale. But it is a good product and it's one I'm happy to own.

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