Project Pan 2016 mini update #5


I sat down to write a review post today and I wasn't feeling the vibe, so instead I decided to write this short update and say that I've added another product to my Project Pan list. 

I've reviewed the product here but please do excuse the photos: it was one of my earlier posts and, although I'm working through editing all my old posts as we speak, I haven't got to this one yet.

Anyhoo. I've had this polish on my list of PP potentials for a while, and as I sat down to put it on my toenails again last night, I thought I may as well include it since it's getting used every time I do my toes anyway.

The reason I've started using it on my toes is that I don't like the colour much, but I kept the polish because I like the packaging. About half the product is gone and I plan to display the bottle and the box it came in on my makeup shelves once it's finished.

It's also a better product for my toes because it doesn't last as long on my fingernails as other polishes do. It's not the worst in terms of chip-factor, but it's not the best either so I'm happier to use it on my toes since the chipping is never as bad there.

Anyway. I'll check back in soon with a full PP update for the month. I've made a good dent in some of my powders so I'm looking forward to seeing where they're at by month's end : )

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