Davroe Straightening Balm - review


This is the last product up for review from this kit, and after this post I'll do a quick round-up on the kit as a whole.

Unfortunately this product isn't any better than the other items from the set, although at least this one doesn't send my hair into disarray - it just doesn't work. At all.

I have a feeling these products will show up in my 'disappointing products' post this year, because they have indeed disappointed me and I don't think I've ever come across anything - whether makeup, skincare or haircare - that's consistently bad across a range. While I haven't used everything from Davroe, I think finding four out of four products to be terrible tells me something.

These mightn't be the most expensive products on the market but they're not cheap either, and I expected at least a couple of the items in this kit to be ok. In the end, I wouldn't use any of them and I'll likely pass all of them on.

Worse, the packaging is dodgy and the lids don't want to click into place - this is especially true of the two tubes. It often takes me a while to get them closed again, and I don't have time for that: I have a crazy toddler whom I chase around the house all day and I barely have time to use my products, let alone wrestle with them.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look.

Davroe claims/product details:
  • Lightweight smooth styling crème that won’t flake
  • Anti-humidifier, repels moisture and eliminates frizz
  • Protection against heat styling
  • Makes blow-drying hair straight easier
  • Infused with marshmallow root and rice proteins for a super straight, smooth finish
  • RRP $22.95 AUD for 200ml 


This is a cloudy gel with a chemical-like smell that reminds me of cheap hairspray. It applies well without weighing the hair down because it's very light, but indeed it's so light that it has no beneficial effect on my hair whatsoever.

I've tried this both before straightening my hair and on its own, and on both wet and dry hair. I haven't had any luck with it, nor does applying less or more of it help the situation.

With straightening products, I expect them to have some impact on frizz, shine and hydration - whether or not I decide to straighten my hair with irons or blow dry it after use. Any straightening treatment that's any good does something for your hair even if you don't go ahead and straighten it, but not this one. It just makes my hair look and feel wet for a while and then fades into nothing. It's also not a product you can use more than two days in a row because it builds up and needs to be washed out.

I've just tried it one last time before straightening my hair: I used the product on one half of my hair and used nothing on the other half. Both halves took the same amount of time and effort to straighten. Both sides have the same amount of stray frizz and fly-aways after straightening, so I'll have to go back in with another product. One side of my hair looks shinier and feels lighter - and that's the side that has no product in it. And I know from experience that I'll need to wash my hair a day earlier than normal (or at least, wash half of it ; )), since the product does hang around and make my hair look and feel duller faster.

In sum, this isn't the worst product in the kit because it hasn't had a hugely bad impact on my hair - unlike the other products, which sent my hair into the worst condition it's been in for as long as I can remember - but it just doesn't do anything.

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