Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner - review


You may remember that I recently decided to take a break from my HG OGX haircare because I was experiencing some build-up and wanted to give it a rest for a while.

I've had this Davroe kit sitting around for over a year and I've been meaning to finally use it, so I thought now was as good a time as any. But my excitement over opening new products didn't last long.

In a way I feel sorry for these products because anything was going to pale in comparison to the OGX haircare, but I also feel angry towards them since my hair is now in terrible shape and it's only taken five washes with these to make me cast them aside: my hair went seriously downhill from the moment I used them. Argh!

Have you ever felt angry with a particular product because it didn't meet your expectations? I have. Maybe I'm weird, or maybe I'm not alone.

Davroe claims/product details:
  • Anti-humectant Smooth Senses reduces frizz and helps prevent fly-aways
  • Provides exceptional moisture, shine and manageability
  • Also protects against surface damage from regular heat styling
  • Nature's active: blueberry
  • Shampoo: smooths/controls fly-aways; calms frizz; and softens hair
  • Conditioner: smooths the cuticle layer; enables easier blow drying; and anti-humidifies
  • RRP $14.95 AUD each for 350ml


These are bad products - or at least they are for my dry, frizzy hair.

Honestly my hair is in such bad shape after switching to these that I can't wait to return to my OGX products. One thing I hate about being a beauty blogger is forcing yourself to continue using something that doesn't work for you, just so you can review it - and I felt that about these after the first wash. Five washes later, I can't do it to myself anymore and I'm going to leave them in the spare bathroom in the hope that my husband will use them so they don't go to waste.

First, the shampoo. It doesn't clean well and even after three washes (in one sitting) my hair doesn't feel close to clean. You know how sometimes you can still feel grime on your hair after washing? That's how I feel when I use this shampoo.

As for the conditioner, it might be ok if your hair isn't dry like mine is, but it's so lightweight that it doesn't do anything for me in terms of hydration. I was expecting my hair to feel nourished and soft after using this, but instead it felt dry and lacked shine and manageability.

In combination, these products somehow leave my hair looking limp and dirty, but also dry and seriously frizzy. The only good thing about that is it's meant I've been able to get some use from the various leave-in treatments I have, which hadn't previously been getting much love because I didn't need them when using the OGX haircare.

In sum, these do nothing for me and have left my hair in all sorts. I can't recommend them at all and I can't wait to use something on my next wash that I know is going to leave my hair looking its best.

Have you tried anything from Davroe? Hopefully you've found something in the range that works for you if so.

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