Hikari Blush in Bikini - review and swatches


I received this blush in January 2016's Lust Have It Women's Box (reviewed here). I've tried a Hikari Eyeshadow Quad before and I really didn't like that, which was partly to do with the colours I received and partly to do with the lack of consistency across the shades: some blended well and others really didn't.

Happily this blush is better than the eyeshadow was and it's a much more wearable colour - although I've decided not to keep it because I have something similar that's better quality and doesn't have such bulky, cheap packaging.

Above I've photographed the pan in direct sunlight, and below in natural light. 'Bikini' is described as a 'pinky peach with light shimmer', and I would agree with that description. 

I worried when I first saw this that it would be too icy and cool on my warm, medium skin (as Benefit's Coralista was), and while this is a better colour for me than Coralista, it's still a little cool and I prefer products on the orange side of coral (this is more pink).

Hikari claims/product details:
  • Vibrant, easy to blend colours that highlight the cheekbones
  • Available in eight shades
  • Designed to highlight your complexion, our weightless blush can be used lightly for a fresh look or layered for a dramatic look
  • An effortless application to the cheekbones that lasts all day
  • RRP $21 AUD for 6g

There's a swatch in natural light (blended on the left and heavier on the right):

And in sunlight:

Below I'm wearing it on my cheeks and also on my eyelid, photo taken in indirect sunlight (click on any image to enlarge it):

And in natural light (you can see it's a little patchy here):


This is a reasonable product and I may well be keeping it if I didn't have so much makeup already.

It's creamy and finely milled to the touch, and the pigment is good but not so much that you need to be careful. I needed a few layers to get this one to show up on my arm (less so on my face), but I suspect that's due to the paler colour and I've seen others comment that the richer shades in these blushes are super pigmented.

It has a nice sheen with no noticeable glitter in sight (thank god) that adds a nice glow but isn't too much. The colour is ok, but as mentioned, it's a little cool and icy for me and I suspect this would look much better on someone with paler skin than mine.

As for application: when I first used it, I used a small, flat blush brush that I often use, and the product applied quite patchily and took some blending (you can see a bit of patchiness in the photo above). On the second application, I used a duo-fibre brush and the application was better, although I did notice some fall-out and a little powder had come free in the pan. No big deal, but worth mentioning all the same.

The wear time was ok - not too bad and not amazing. It lasted about six hours before it had faded significantly, and I had to touch up at that time. This is unusual for me because my skin is dry and tends to 'cling' to anything I put on top of it, so I wanted to note that the longevity wasn't as good as it is for the other blushes I own.

The packaging is ok but it's bulky and feels/looks cheap. It's certainly not a product I would travel with, and it's not one I want on my display shelves.

In sum, I think this is a reasonable product but I wouldn't pay full price for it. You can find cheaper blushes in the chemist that perform just as well (often better) and that last longer on the cheeks.

Have you used any Hikari products? What did you think of them if so?

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