Sachet city: samples used in August 2015


I mentioned in my last samples post that there would be a few more posts like this coming: I've been spending far too much time in Mecca Maxima recently and have acquired a bundle of sample pots while I've been searching for my next round of skincare.

While I do love trialling new skincare, it's getting to the point now where I need to stop throwing different things at my skin and commit to the Alpha-H travel sized products I've recently opened, so I can see exactly what those have been doing (good things, judging from recent experience).

I reckon there'll be one more round of samples to get through in the coming month, and after that I'll settle with what I have. I think my skin will be pleased with using just one lot of products: I've had a few breakouts recently and this may be because I've been overdoing the different products!

Nude Advanced Renewal Serum, Moisturiser, Eye Complex and Overnight Repair Mask

This is a handy little sampler pack and I do like testing things from the same brand in one go. Unfortunately I didn't love any of the products in this pack and the only one I quite liked was the overnight repair mask.

The serum wasn't potent enough for me; the eye cream didn't feel hydrating enough; and the moisturiser definitely wasn't hydrating enough for my skin. The overnight repair mask felt lovely on but I didn't notice any difference in my skin, other than that it looked a little bit more hydrated after use.

From memory I've tried a few things from these guys in the past and haven't liked any of them, so looks like this brand isn't for me.

Ren ClearCalm Clarity Restore Mask

I've used this recently and I wanted to trial it again to see if it was going on the wishlist. I do like it but I don't think it's worth the $59 price tag. It goes on smoothly and feels great, and I think it does do something towards targeting oil and blemishes - I just don't think it's any different from cheaper clay masks and so it's a pass for me.

Ren Ultra-Moisture Day Cream

Specifically formulated for dry skin, this moisturiser will leave skin feeling hydrated and comfortable throughout the day. This is a nice day cream but it didn't wow me and so my search for my next moisturiser continues. I think it's quite hard to find moisturisers and serums that stand out from the rest because many of them do the same kinds of things, but occasionally you will be wowed by a product and I wasn't with this one.

Ren Invisible Pores Detox Mask

This is apparently a cult-favourite purifying mask that gently draws impurities from the skin and reduces oil production. I got three applications out of this little sample, and unfortunately I didn't love it. I felt it was a bit drying for my skin (which tends towards dryness) and the Mecca staff member did say it might be a bit too much for me - she was right. If you have oily skin you might really love this product.

Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator SPF 8

This is apparently a best-selling moisturiser that deeply hydrates, nourishes and heals the skin while protecting against the elements. I loved this one and it was a good pair for the cell food serum (below). I felt that it hydrated and plumped my skin nicely, while also having a brightening effect. You can also tell that it doesn't contain any nasties and it didn't feel like it clogged my pores. It's on the potential purchases list.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food Radiance & Vitality Serum

This is apparently a cult-favourite radiance serum that reduces pigmentation, balances the complexion and hydrates the skin. I quite liked this and it's gone on to my list of potential purchases, although I think I preferred the Suki serum I recently tried in one of these sachet posts (happily I have another sachet of that one so I can compare them).

What I liked about this is that it absorbed well and made my face look a little brighter, plus I only needed the tiniest amount per application so the bottle should last a long time. This one's a maybe.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

This is apparently an intensely hydrating overnight mask that restores moisture to your skin, leaving it nourished and plump. It's ideal for flights and late nights when your skin has been zapped of moisture.

Look, I did like this but I'm not sure it's as wonderful as many people think it is - at least on my skin. It's a best-seller at Mecca and I think the reasonable $34 price tag helps with that, plus it's a rich cream that smells like tropical fruit juice and feels nice and soothing on. What I'm not sold on is the effect - I don't think it adds anything extra than applying any other cream overnight. I might have to sample this again to be sure.

Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturiser SPF 15

I've been looking at Mario Badescu products recently because they're inexpensive and we have no money! This is apparently an ultra-lightweight, daily moisture with moderate sun protection all-in-one. 

While I think it's an ok product, I need something that feels like it does a little more than this one. It doesn't moisturise/hydrate as well as other creams and it didn't give me a plumping or brightening effect. It's something I'd be ok to travel with but I wouldn't buy a full size.

Mario Badescu Peptide Renewal Cream

This is apparently a multitasking anti-aging cream infused with powerhouse ingredients to hydrate, firm the skin and combat fine lines and wrinkles. It's an ok moisturiser but I didn't love it and, again, I'm after something that feels like it does a little more than this one.

As with the collagen moisturiser above, it doesn't perform any brightening or plumping function, nor does it hydrate as well as other creams. It's not expensive (huge plus!), but with skincare I'm prepared to fork out a bit more for the right product.

In sum

I'm pleased I've come across those Elemental Herbology products and the brand warrants further exploration. Unfortunately the two products from that brand are really the only ones in this bunch that I would consider buying. I do have another sample of the fabled Origins overnight mask so I will give that another crack to see if it grabs me, but otherwise my skincare search continues!

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