Project Pan mini update #28


Well it's my first full day home alone with my toddler and newborn, so it's no surprise that I'm not finding a spare moment to write! As you may know, my posts are usually up first thing in the morning.

Mind you, I was hindered today because some of the shots I squeezed in yesterday somehow looked white-washed when it came to editing them. 

So do excuse the somewhat odd-looking photos: I did the best I could : )

Anyhoo. This is something of a 'sad' PP update for me: as you can see above, the two Sportsgirl lipsticks from my PP list aren't actually finished.

But they're both casualties. Why? I discovered that not one but both broke my lips out in little dots, and when I stopped using them, the dots vanished within 24 hours but my lips became dry and flaky, so I've been nursing them with plain lip balm and gloss for the last few days. 

Obviously these lipsticks have turned - not surprising, given that they're budget items and have been open for a year or two - and while there's no weird scent or texture to either, they're of course unusable.

I really hate having to move things out of circulation when they're not truly 'finished', but I'll still count them in my yearly PP total because they're items that I can't use anymore.

So, here are my replacements:

These two Bodyography lip products are now the two oldest lip items I own, so they're next up for Project Pan. 

Good news is, I love them both and they're two of my few 'fancier' lip products - so it won't be hard to use them often! 

I haven't used the lipstick as much as I have the gloss (see below), but I'm hoping I might just just get through them both before the end of the year.

Bodyography Lip Gloss in Pucker Up

Full review here. I like the texture and feel of this gloss but it doesn't have much pigment on its own, so it's not a favourite and I'd prefer to wear it over a lipstick or lip stain.

Good news is, it works beautifully with both the Bodyography lipstick below and also my Josie Maran gel blush (also on my PP list), which I'm currently using as a lip stain.

I did pull the stopper out last night because I thought the product was almost empty, but saw I was mistaken: there's around a third left! So I popped the stopper back in and decided to include it here: it's been floating around for ages now and I'd like to get through it and move on to something else.

Bodyography Lipstick in Smooch

I really love this lipstick (full review here) and it's a shade I reach for often in summer: indeed, this was my number one higher end lipstick in my 2015 favourites (see here). But I do have another similar shade so I'm happy to use this one up and try other formulas.

Both this lipstick and the gloss were sent to me by a PR rep for Bodyography, and while I've enjoyed using them both, I'd like to move them out of my collection before they turn. And lip products can turn, as we've seen!

Can I get through both these items by the end of the year? Who knows. What I do know is that I'll enjoy using them more often.

In sum

That wasn't a 'mini' update at all, was it?!

Hoh well. At least I've found a moment of peace to write for the day - and I hope you've enjoyed seeing how my PP list for the year is progressing.

Speak soon xx

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