Project Dent 2016: Ardency Inn Modster Manuka Honey Enriched Pigments


Welcome to my next Project Dent post! I had no plans to dent these Ardency Inn singles anytime soon, but when I saw that they would fit perfectly in a little Z-palette with the Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette I've just dented, I wanted to move them across straight away - so I decided to photograph them before I did that.

I bought four of these last year after reading some great reviews, because I had so many matte eyeshadows and needed a few shimmers to go with them. Problem is, I've since realised that I never reach for single eyeshadows (I prefer a palette so I only need to open one thing), so I've been wanting to depot them for a while and get more use from them. Happily, I've now done that (see below). 

There they are in natural light:

I bought the shades Sunday, Heaven, Rose Gold and Disco. They're all beautiful colours and I'm glad I chose them, but I've had a few issues with each. Disco, for example, isn't as creamy and pigmented as the others - but it looks better on the eye and doesn't emphasise texture as much as the other three.

So what I want to do over the denting period is play around with them so I can work out exactly how I feel about them and review them. I may also find a way to use them so that they don't make my eyelids look so crepe-y. Fingers crossed!

There they are in direct sunlight:

And below you can see how nicely they fit in a Z-palette with my Becca quint:

A nice little palette, yes? And something I may well have bought for myself, if the colours came in a pre-made set.

As you can see above, there's not a huge amount gone from any of the Ardency Inn shades. Disco and Rose Gold have slight dips in them because I use those all over the lid, but the other two are highlight shades so I only use a little of them each time and you can't really tell that I've used them.

So over the next couple of weeks, I'll use these pigments every day (I'll be able to use at least two shades in a look, perhaps more), then I'll report back with my progress so you can see how dented they are.

Here's to getting plenty of use from everything in your collection!

Speak soon x

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