Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette - review and swatches


I bought this little palette a few months back because I already owned the Ombre Rouge version and loved it, so when I found this on special for around $50 and had a discount code up my sleeve, I grabbed it because a bunch of matte brown eyeshadows will never go astray.

While I'm glad I bought it, I found I wasn't reaching for it as much as I thought I would - probably because it's a set of neutral colours that pulls cool on me and I prefer warm shades - so I recently decided to include it in my Project Dent series, just to make myself use it a bit more.

That was a good decision. I've realised just how useful it is and I can see myself using it to death.

The product comes in a sleek chocolate brown case that's plastic and sturdy. I do like the look of the packaging and it's functional, although perhaps it could have been a little more interesting (I prefer Becca's UFO design, which you'll see for eg its highlighters and blushes).

The compact comes with a good mirror that I've found myself using a lot because it's big enough and nicely long. I can definitely see this being a great product for travel, although I've half a mind to depot this and put it in a small Z-palette with a few shimmers, just to make a more complete palette.

Becca claims/product details:
  • Create natural depth and subtle highlight with velvety soft, tone-on-tone ombre nudes
  • Matte shades provide pigment-rich, nude tones for a variety of neutral looks, from subtle to bold
  • Designed for your eyes, but capable of so much more: this palette is ideal for contouring the eyes and face, great for filling in sparse brows, and can be used wet or dry as an eyeliner
  • Enriched with green coffee oil to help awaken the eyes and smooth the lids, while a built-in priming effect extends the wear of your shadow
  • Fragrance free
  • Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • RRP $70 AUD for 8.5g, but do shop around

There's the palette in direct sunlight above. 

Shade 1 is a peachy cream that's a little darker than your standard highlight. I personally find it more useful on my medium skin than eg a pale vanilla because I can use it as a transition shade and I have no use for a pale matte highlight (my eyes are hooded so I don't bother highlighting the browbone and I prefer a shimmer highlight on the inner corner). It has good pigmentation and although it's quite silky, it's a touch drier than other shades in this palette. It blends and wears well.

Shade 2 is my favourite shade in the palette and the one I use most. It's a soft, medium brown that's perfect for the crease and it's the warmest shade in the palette (at least on me), which is probably why it's my favourite. The texture is beautifully creamy, and the shadow is pigmented enough to show up but not so pigmented that you risk making errors (exactly how I like my shadows!). It blends beautifully and wears well.

Shade 3 is the other crease shade but it's cooler than shade 2 so I reach for it less. It's also a medium brown but it's more grey and it's my perfect shade for facial contouring. The texture is slightly dry (like shade 1) but it's still silky. I can mix this with the next shade to use on my brows. It applies, blends and wears well, and the pigment is good.

Shade 4 scares me because it's so soft (too soft) and pigmented (too pigmented) that I've made many an error and wound up with too much product on my eyes. It's a neutral to warm dark brown that pulls cool on me, and it's a great shade for adding definition and deepening up the crease/outer v. Thankfully it blends beautifully so I can work with it, but be really careful of dipping your brush into the pan because even with the lightest touch, I always kick up shadow and wind up with too much on my brush. I'd go so far as to say that it's crumbly.

Shade 5 is slightly warmer and darker than shade 4 and it's beautifully creamy. I'd be reaching for this as my defining shade of choice if it weren't for the fact that it can be really hard to blend and it can also look patchy on the eye. For this reason I'm forced to use shade 4 if I don't have time for blending issues, and that shade comes with its own problems so it's a lose/lose situation for me when it comes to the deeper shades in this palette!

Swatched in natural light (outdoors) above. On the left I've done finger swatches and on the right I've used a brush. Do note that these tend to show up better on the eye than they do on the arm.

Same shot, indirect sunlight:

And in natural light (indoors):


This is a great little palette and I recommend it. While the colours look rather boring, it's the perfect palette to use with other palettes and any single shimmer shadows you may have - so despite being 'uninteresting', it's the kind of palette you'll likely use a lot.

Now that I've forced myself to use it every day for two weeks via Project Dent, I know that it will no longer be sitting at the back of my shelves gathering dust because I've learned just how useful it is. Perhaps because it's neutral, it goes with so many of my shadows and it's now the palette I reach for when I need a matte shade or two to complete a look.

Overall the shadows are beautifully silky and creamy, with just shades 1 and 3 being slightly drier than the others. All of the shades except shade 5 blend well and aren't difficult to apply. Shade 5 isn't terrible, it's just that it requires more work than the others so I tend to be lazy and reach for shade 4 instead.

As mentioned above, shade 4 comes with its own problems because it's so soft and pigmented that dunces like myself are liable to make mistakes, but happily it blends so well that I can generally diffuse it to soften the pigment.

What I love about these mattes is that, even though they are indeed matte, they're not flat and there's almost a touch of satin to them. This means they don't look drying and flat on the eye, so those of us with mature eyes/crepe-y eyelids will find a lot to love about this palette. These aren't shadows that age the eye area, so that's a huge plus in my books.

All in all, I think this is a great palette and you really can't go wrong with it. If you already have a truckload of neutral mattes in your collection then it's not essential, but if you have a hole in your collection and need a few browns that aren't warm, this is an excellent choice.

Yes it's not cheap, but good mattes are harder to find than they should be, and you can certainly shop around and pick this up for much less than the $70 asking price.

A beautiful, useful little palette.

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