Pan that Palette 2019: July update


Hello and welcome to another Pan that Palette update for the year.

I'm super excited about this one because I've really broken the back of my Too Faced palette now, and I expect it to be done in around two months. Fingers crossed!

Let's get straight into it.

Below is how my palette looked last month (you may remember that I added in my own cream shadow by mixing two shades that I didn't like and wasn't using):

And here's how it looks today:

So there's been a lot of movement here: let me explain.

As you can see, I'm burning through the cream shadow I added and I'm expecting it to last as long as the remaining shades do.

In order to pan Sexpresso and Nudie, I mixed half of Nudie with what was left of Sexpresso to get my perfect brow colour, and I panned that only a few days ago. As for the rest of Nudie, I mixed that in along with some of the Kevyn Aucoin grey in my custom palette and re-pressed the brown Becca shadow, which was too warm for my brows (you'll see that mix below).

Unfortunately Chocolate Cookie crumbled down from the top corners just as I was about to photograph it, so I decided to go ahead and take the shots anyway. I won't re-press it: it's my favourite shadow in the palette and I don't want to lose any to the re-pressing process. This shadow will be done by next update.

Both Strapless and Risqué are showing a little more progress, and as suspected, they'll be the last two shadows standing at the end of this project. My aim is to get through them within two months, which I may be able to do because they're not as pigmented as they once were so I need to use quite a bit each time to get them to show up.

My custom palette, as it was after I recharged it last month:

And today:

As always, let's work in sections.

My Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadows, as they were last month:


So I've expanded the pan a little in the top two shadows (left) and I've made more progress on the grey - partly because I used some in the mix to make my perfect brow colour (see below).

The matte dark purple cracked and flaked off when I went to use it the other day (it hadn't survived the de-potting process well), so I used the crumbs to make some paint for my kids to decorate some wrapping paper: I'm not using it enough so I didn't feel the need to rescue the crumbs.

As for the other three shades, I've used all of them a little over the past month but not enough to make visible progress.

My Kevyn Aucoin bronzer, as it was last month:

And today:

You can see that the pan has opened up in this bronzer, and while there's still plenty of product left, I have made some decent progress on it over the last few months.

Please note that once I've used up most of this bronzer, I plan to re-press the remains into an empty Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow pan and add it to my KA custom palette - purely because that palette is missing a warm brown so I may as well use this for that purpose. I expect to hit that point within the next three months.

Next, my Becca pans, as they were last month:


As mentioned above, I've mixed and re-pressed the dark brown matte to get my perfect brow colour. This made a lot more sense than mixing it every day - as I would have had to do, because it was too dark and too warm before I mixed it - and I wasn't using it for anything besides my brows anyway. I'm happy with the result.

You can also see that I've expanded the pan very slightly on the pale brown matte shadow, and I am hoping to get through this by the end of the year - especially now that I've finished the two similar shades in my Too Faced palette.

I haven't used the other two shadows much over the past month so I won't bother commenting on those until we can see more movement.

Last up, my four remaining round pans, as they were last month:


Ok, so both the purple pan (Nars Sin) and the orange Bleach London pan have been used as eyeshadow paints this month, which is why they're showing so much progress. I just wasn't using either of them, so when the kids wanted to make wrapping paper yesterday, I decided to use these because they're my least-favourite shadows of the ones I own. The whole painting exercise kept the kids quiet for over an hour, so it was totally worth it!

Otherwise you can see that I've made good progress in the shimmery gold (I mixed this myself last month), which is because I've been using it as a highlighter on both the face and body, and also on the eyes. I love it.

In sum

That's all from me. I'm happy with the progress I've made on my palettes so far and I'm looking forward to making more this month.

In particular I'm looking forward to seeing the end of my Too Faced palette, which I'm expecting to see soon because the remaining colours don't have a lot of pigment left and they're also starting to crumble a little - meaning I should get through them pretty quickly.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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