Project Dent 2019: Becca custom palette #2


Hello and welcome to another round of Project Dent.

While I still need to update my last round, there wasn't any sun yesterday so I wasn't able to take progress shots - meaning I'll need to do that today - so stay tuned for that update post if you're interested. In the meantime, I can introduce my next product.

I last dented this at the beginning of the year, and since I've started cycling through my face palettes again, I thought I would do this one next.

I enjoy all the products in here but I don't reach for them that often because Becca highlighters and blushes aren't my favourites (they're very good: it's just that they're not Hourglass or Marc Jacobs) so I need to remind myself to use them. Yay for Project Dent.

Here's how my palette is looking today, 29 July 2019:

Below I've enhanced the above shot for clarity:

You can see that I've used this palette but we're not seeing much progress on any of the powders. That's ok for the moment, but I would like to start thinking about finishing one or two of these shades (perhaps the ones I like the least) so I can then move more powders in.

What I'll do over the denting period is use all of these as much as possible and work out which one/s I can do without, so I can consider panning at least one of them next year. I'll also aim to get some visible progress happening in some of the shades so I feel like I've achieved something over the next two weeks.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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