Reverie Milk Anti-frizz Leave-in Nourishing Treatment - review


We received this hair treatment in one of our Maslow & Co boxes (unboxed here) and it's taken me a while to review it because I've kept trying to find a way to like it. Problem is, I just don't and I can't seem to make it work for me.

You know how sometimes you come across a product that has hundreds of glowing reviews but you just can't see what the fuss is about? This is one of those products for me and I'll probably have to slot it into Project Pan, just to make myself use it. Otherwise I can see it gathering dust and eventually going to waste. 

Indeed, I've just finished off a haircare item from my Project Pan list so you may well see this included sooner rather than later.

Reverie claims/product details:
  • An oil-cream formula that tames frizz for silky, soft and healthy-looking hair
  • Includes nourishing ingredients derived from coconuts, olives, almonds and other natural sources
  • Contains a rich blend of 16 essential oils that imparts a fresh, herbal scent
  • A leave-in conditioning treatment that does more than tame frizz: it also repairs damage
  • Lightweight formula also protects and moisturises, leaving hair soft, silky and shiny without weighing it down
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Free from parabens, sulfates and phthalates 
  • Vegan
  • Silicone and gluten free
  • Handcrafted in California in small batches using wild harvested, sustainable and certified organic ingredients
  • To use: apply evenly all over damp or dry hair; safe for daily use and colour-treated hair; use throughout the day for touch-ups to keep hair frizz-free
  • RRP $63 AUD for 100ml; received 30ml sample valued at $23


This product does nothing for me and it's one I would likely give away if it were a full size because I couldn't bear to force myself to use it, but since it's a deluxe sample and I can get through it easily enough, I'll likely throw it into Project Pan so I can finish it and then keep the little bottle, which I quite like and which will be good for travel.

It's a cream that smells strongly of ginger, and while I don't mind the scent, I also don't really want my hair smelling like that because the scent does linger and it can interfere with your perfume - or at least it does for me.

I love the sleek black packaging and it's a product I'd be happy to display in the bathroom or whip out in public because it just looks classy and luxe.

I've tried this product in various ways - using less or more of it, using it on wet or dry hair, using it only once after washing or using it every day - and in each case it's the same. All it does is weigh my hair down (no matter how little I use) and leave a film behind that I can feel when I touch my hair, and it does absolutely nothing towards taming frizz. Not a thing.

It also makes my hair look dull (perhaps because it's been coated) and it does nothing for condition either - it doesn't make my hair softer, shinier or more manageable - so there's really nothing I can use this for. Perhaps it will work as a pre-wash treatment, so that's something I'll try.

On the claims: no it doesn't tame frizz; no it doesn't leave my hair soft or silky; and no I don't think it moisturises either. It may well help protect it, given the coating I've mentioned, but it also weighs it down and makes it feel a touch sticky, so I wouldn't use it for the protection factor alone.

All in all, this treatment just doesn't work for me and I've given it a 'disappointing products' tag because I was expecting to love it: it was the sneak peek item in the box for that month so it was hyped-up at the time, and all the rave reviews I read set it up to be more disappointing than it might otherwise have been. Plus it's expensive for a haircare item so I'd certainly test it before committing to a purchase.

Just not for me.

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