Pan that Palette update: November 2016


Welcome to my November Pan that Palette update! It's been a pretty exciting month for me because I've finally finished my first eyeshadow pan in its entirety (see below), that being Bliss from the Stila In the Light palette. 

I started Pan that Palette back in July and I only introduced the Stila shades into my Makeup Geek Travel Vault later on, which is why I'm only finishing off my first pan now.

In other news I've just made the decision to remove my Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer out of my palette because it's starting to annoy me. I'm still using it, but I'm keeping it in a separate container because it keeps flaking all over my palette and the other powders wind up with bronzer chunks all over them.

So, here's the empty Stila Bliss and the Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer

There's where the bronzer was last month:

And here's where it is now:

I don't think it will last out December because what's left is a very thin layer that's showing more and more pan by the day. 

I'm getting through it so quickly because it's a little pale for me (so I wear more of it than I would other bronzers), plus it keeps developing a crust that I have to remove. On top of that, it's been re-pressed a few times already - and as many will tell you, once you re-press something, it starts vanishing much more quickly. 

Next up, my Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette, which I love to death. I'd cleared out Dim Light before introducing the palette into this challenge, and over the last few months I've been working on panning the other two shades. 

I want to finish it because I have a full size Dim Light (and now, the Hourglass Surreal Glow palette), so I'd rather use this up before it gets too old so I can focus on my newer Hourglass products.

I'm using the shades mixed together as a finishing powder, and I often use them mixed as my highlighter too. Radiant Light also makes a good bronzer-topper, so I'm getting through that a little faster than I am Incandescent Light.

Here's how it looked at the end of October:

And here's where it is now, at the end of November:

I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo, but I've just hit pan on Radiant Light: along the left side, from the middle of the pan and travelling upwards, the first few diamonds of pan have started to appear. Yay! I'm also not too far away from hitting pan on Incandescent Light, so I hope to do that next month.

I hope to have this palette done within the next three months, but I'm not confident I can do this - the powders are good value because they last for ages!

There's my re-jigged Travel Vault, which looks rather different now that I've removed the Gorgeous Cosmetics bronzer. Round pans are fine when the whole palette contains round pans, but man they cause so much wasted space and just look wrong when combined with square pans!

Here's what my palette looked like at the end of last month:

And here's what it looks like now:

Just look how much more stuff I've been able to squeeze in!

You can see where Bliss was in the earlier photo (you can also check out last month's post here). I'm sorry if it's annoying that I've moved the shades around now that I've been able to fit more in, but I've done it for a reason (more on that in a sec) and hopefully you can track my progress well enough by comparing the two palettes. 

Going forward I'll continue to give you close-up photos of all the shades, as I've been doing previously, but for this month it's all a bit confusing so I'm just giving you the above two photos as a direct reference between last month and this one.

You'll see that Stila's Bare (the cream shade) is showing more pan now (I've been using that as a setting powder to get through it more quickly), and Stila's Sandstone (the dark brown) has a bigger dip (I've been using that on my brows).

All three Nars pans are also looking more worn. I'll talk about those below.

This is of course theBalm's Bahama Mama Bronzer, which is the oldest bronzer I own and the one I want to finish next. It got a lot of use back in the day, but I eventually worked out that I prefer warmer bronzers and this one makes a better contour shade on me, so that's how I'll be using it.

I'll also be mixing it with the warm brown shade from my Nars St Paul de Vence duo, since together they make a good bronzer shade (that's why I've placed them next to each other). Plus Bahama Mama is a great crease colour on the eyes, and I'll be mixing it with Stila's Sandstone to make a good brow colour.

I hope to get through this within six months. I don't think it will take me less time than that - despite the fact that I've already hit pan - because bronzers are notoriously hard to get through, but we'll see.

Top row, from left to right, we have Stila's Sandstone, a copper colour from Coastal Scents and a shimmering pearl from an old Lancome GWP duo. I've included the latter two because I love the Coastal Scents shade (I rescued it from the Cairo palette before discarding the rest) and the Lancome shade is there because it makes a good mixer for the nectarine shade in the St Paul de Vence duo (below).

Bottom row is Nars Charade and Stila's Bare. I hope to have Bare done by the end of the year and I'm confident I can do that because I'm using it as a setting powder (I don't need much because my skin is dry, which is why it doesn't leave a white cast on me).

Charade is probably my favourite Nars duo of the ones I own, but I don't love the Nars formula (I find it drying and it makes my eyes look crepe-y, for starters), but I can get away with using just a little of these as base shades and they also work well when mixed as a blush.

Left to right, the lavender colour is one I rescued from a So Susan quad before turfing the rest because it's old and I never liked the formula anyway. But this colour really works on me so I'm going to love panning it because it's one of my favourite shades (looks good on brown eyes).

The next pan is one half of my Nars Portobello duo, which works well in the crease and also as a transition colour. I can also get away with it as a facial contour shade).

The Nars St Paul de Vence duo is the worst formula I've used from Nars to date, but the nectarine shade works beautifully with gloss to make a shimmering lip colour (and woot woot, I hit pan this month!), and as mentioned above, the brown shade can be mixed with Bahama Mama to warm it up and make a bronzer, which is how I'll get through it because I don't like it on the eyes.

In sum

Phew! That was a long update. They're not normally this long, but since I've introduced a bundle of new shades this month, it was always going to be longer than normal.

I'm pleased that I've finished my first eyeshadow pan this month, and also hit pan on one and expanded the pan on a couple of others. Plus I'm super pleased that I've moved the Gorgeous Cosmetics pan out of the palette, because that was annoying me something chronic!

This month I hope to finish the GC bronzer, finish Stila's Bare and maybe hit pan on the plum side of Charade.

I also hope to expand the pan on Bahama Mama and the nectarine side of St Paul de Vence.

Wish me luck!

Speak soon x

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