Project Pan 2016 mini update #29


Well my computer threw a tantrum yesterday, which is why I never got a post up. Thank god it's working again at all - I'd begun to give up hope!

Honestly, a computer malfunction is just about the worst thing that can happen to me: one of the things that keeps me on the level as I juggle work, a toddler and a newborn is being able to write a little something each day, so when technology gets in the way, I start to feel unhinged.

The good news is that said malfunction has incited my husband to start looking at new computers for me - something that's long overdue, since this computer is almost four years old now so it's slow and it doesn't read photos properly (one of the reasons why I've had so much trouble getting them to look good).

Anyhoo. Enough of all that. I wanted to kick off today with another mini update for Project Pan:

Hooray hooray, I've finished off my face masks from Alpha-H and Peter Thomas Roth! These have been on my list for far too long (or at least it feels that way) so I'm pleased to have them done because for a while there I had far too many face masks on the go. I still do, but the situation isn't quite so bad ; )

As for my replacements:

I decided to go with makeup replacements for these skincare items for now. While I do have more skincare I'd like to finish, I'm confident I can do this without the use of Project Pan. It may be that I have to bring another skincare item in either next year or later this year, but I'm comfortable with my skincare collection for now.

My two replacements are both face powders and they'll take a while to finish. I'll talk about each briefly below.

Vivito Illust Secret Blusher in PK02 About Pink

Full review here. This came from Memebox and it's been open for over 18 months now, so it's time to start using it. It's not a colour I love and it doesn't show up on me well at all, but the powder is beautifully silky and finely milled so I wanted to find a use for it (up until now I've only 'used' it as a display item because I like the packaging).

What I've discovered is that I can mix it with my setting powder at a ratio of about 50/50 without looking pink, so that's what I'll do because I only have one setting powder and I'm keen to make that last longer and stave off a purchase.

There's 5.5g of product in this blush and I expect it to last a year of frequent use: I have dry skin so I keep powder to a minimum.

Adorn Mineral Matte Eyeshadow in Citrine Orange

I bought this because I expected it to be a 'matte' eyeshadow and a rusty, muted orange colour (the name and the photos on Adorn's website led me to believe it was both things). It's not: it's a bright orange shimmery shadow and I don't like it on my eyes. Full review here.

I do however love it as a blush, and I've already pressed half the product into a pan and popped it in my Z-palette, and since that will last for ages and I've got about a third of the product left in this tub, I wanted to get through it so I can clear the container from my collection.

It's pretty bright and pigmented so you only need a little each time - plus I don't want to wear it every day because I like changing up my blush - so I reckon this will last six months at least. We'll see.

In sum

Yay to finishing more products and bringing in some new ones! Both of these items will be carried forward into Project Pan 2017, but I don't mind that because plenty of my other PP products will be gone soon enough.

How are you going with Project Pan 2016? Do let me know in the comments : )

Speak soon xx

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