November 2016 empties #2


I've had so many empties piling up this month that there may well be enough for a third empties post by month's end. That means I'll have gone through around thirty products for November, or an item a day. Not bad!

There are some larger items in this lot that I'm pleased to have finished because the bathroom shelving's looking less cluttered, and I've got another four items from Project Pan to send to the recycling bin. Woot woot!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo & Conditioner

Full review here. These came in a sub box and I'm glad that I've used them because they're on my radar now and I may well buy them in future. They're great for my dry, frizzy hair and my locks always looked and felt much better when I used these.

On top of that, they're not expensive products and you don't need a lot each time, so the tubes lasted for ages. I do love John Frieda haircare in general and these two didn't disappoint. Purchase? Yes.

Goldwell Kerasilk Colour Shampoo & Conditioner

I put these in a recent decluttering post (see here) because I've wound up with so many minis and sample sizes that I needed to force myself to get through them, and there's no better way of doing that than making yourself accountable online.

While I did like how these made my hair feel - soft, silky and nourished - I wouldn't buy them because they also didn't leave my hair as clean as I would like, so I needed to wash it more often when I used them. Also, I needed three washes with the shampoo to get my hair feeling close to clean. Purchase? No.

Palmolive Oil Infusions Body Moisturiser

Full review here. This came in a sub box and unfortunately I really didn't like it. The product just didn't want to absorb, meaning it wasn't hydrating enough for my dry skin because it didn't deliver moisture where I need it most.

The fact that it didn't want to absorb also meant that it left a greasy residue, so my clothes stuck to my legs after use and I had to wash my hands to remove the film. I did like the scent, but that's about it! Purchase? No.

Petal Fresh Reviving Body Scrub

I really didn't like this product unfortunately and I'm super glad that it's finally gone - that massive tub lasted for ages and was a nightmare to get through! I've reviewed it here.

My issue with the product was that it wasn't scrubby enough so it didn't exfoliate my skin as well as I would like, plus it had a weird gluey texture (kind of like pudding) that I didn't enjoy. Good news is, now that I've finished it I can move on to some nicer body scrubs that I've been saving! Repurchase? No.

Project Pan items

I'll just comment on these briefly here because you've already heard about them to death via Project Pan, but in short:

The Sportsgirl lipsticks are fantastic, budget lipsticks and I really love them, but unfortunately I've now learned that they don't last forever and both of these turned during the panning process. I'll still buy them in future but I'll keep in mind that I shouldn't keep them for longer than 18 months.

The Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask and Alpha-H Liquid Gold Smoothing & Perfecting Mask are both masks from brands I like that don't perform well for me. I have other masks from both brands that I prefer, so I included these in Project Pan so I could finish them and move on to something I like better.

In sum

I couldn't believe how large my empties stash was when I went to do this post, so I still have more items to include in my next post and I'm hoping to see the back of a few more by month's end. 

Fingers crossed I'll have enough for another empties post before the end of November, just so I can finish the year with less stuff!

Speak soon xx 

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