MOR Mon Amie Luminous Body Milk in Cecilia - review


I received this MOR body milk in a sub box a while back and I've been meaning to review it for some time. It's one of those items I don't use every day because it's nicer than the other body moisturisers I've had on the go, so I've been rationing it and using it only when I need a lift.

If I'm rationing something, that's usually a good sign because it means I like it! But then, I generally like MOR products so perhaps that's no surprise.

MOR claims/product details:
  • A silky body milk containing nourishing shea butter, jojoba and sweet almond oil 
  • Leaves skin soft to the touch and with a luminous finish
  • Moisturising shea butter helps protect, soften and smooth the skin
  • Vitamins a, c and e improve the skin's texture and moisture content, while deeply nourishing and rejuvenating
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants, sweet almond oil is easily absorbed, keeping skin soft and supple
  • Jojoba oil hydrates and conditions
  • Mica leaves skin illuminated and radiant
  • Convenient handbag size
  • Available in five trĂ©s chic fragrances; 'Cecilia': sweet clementine and cassis lay upon floral notes of wild orchids and orange blossoms
  • Cruelty free
  • To use: for a silky luminous finish, spray onto skin and gently massage until absorbed
  • RRP $16.95 AUD for 80ml, but do shop around


This isn't a standard body moisturiser and I don't think I've used anything like it before.

It's a white, milky liquid that's almost as thin as water, and you spray it out of the bottle as you might a fragrance. When you first see the texture, you'd be forgiven for thinking there's no way it could hydrate your skin - that's certainly what I thought when I first used it, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Being so fluid, it spreads wonderfully and a little goes a long way so I don't need much to cover my upper body (which is where I've been using it - I've been using the 'lesser' stuff on my legs), and even this little 80ml bottle should last a good while. I guess you could think of it like an oil, in many ways: you don't need much and what you do use packs a punch.

And indeed it does pack a punch - I'm still surprised by how hydrating this is whenever I use it. Having dry skin, I'm used to products not doing enough to keep my skin feeling comfortable, but this does more than enough and it leaves my skin feeling beautifully nourished and happier overall.

On the fragrance: it's ok but it's not one I would have chosen for myself. It's a little on the sweet/musky side and that's not a scent I gravitate towards, although it's not offensive and I can live with it. I've seen that the product comes in other scents, so I'd quite like to try one of those to see if I can find one I love, because the scent does linger on the skin.

One thing that confused me a bit about the product is that it's got 'luminous' right there in the title and the claims say it leaves a luminous finish. I was therefore expecting the product to have a sheen, but I certainly can't see one. I suppose it does leave my skin looking a touch dewy and more hydrated after use, but don't expect this to leave you glowing because it doesn't (or at least, it doesn't for me).

Otherwise I think this is a great body moisturiser that generally meets its claims and I recommend it. I mightn't buy it because $17 seems a bit steep for 80ml of product, but it's certainly one I'm happy to use and I'll look out for discounts to see if I can't grab it in another fragrance.

Lovely. There's a reason why MOR is one of my favourite bath and body brands, and it's hit the mark again with this product.

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