Project Dent 2016 update: IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ (Light and Medium)


On 23 October I brought this IT Cosmetics CC Cream into my Project Dent series (see opening post here). 

I have both the Light and Medium shades: the Medium shade came in one of my sub boxes and I grabbed a sample of the Light shade from Sephora, just to check that Medium is my best year-round match (it is).

Here's where both items were at on 23 October:

And here's where they are on 11 November, noting that I didn't quite use them every day (so let's say they've been used consistently for two weeks):

As you can see, they're both still going strong! Reason being, I only need a half-pea of product to get the amount of coverage I'm after. 

What this tells me is that I definitely don't need to buy this in full size. If it were my only base, a full size would make sense in terms of value per gram - but I do like having a few bases on hand, so I'm better off with the travel-sized version because I'll never get through the big one before it's been open too long (particularly since it contains sunscreen, and sunscreen loses its efficacy over time).

And I certainly will purchase this once my tube has run out! Over the past couple of weeks, I've confirmed that this is an HG product of mine and one I plan to always have in my collection. I've reviewed it here.

That's all from me on base products for now. I do have a couple left that I want to move into circulation, but I've decided to include a foundation on my Project Pan list so I'll be focusing on other products as part of Project Dent.

Speak soon x

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