At One Skincare Toning Coffee Scrub - review


This nice-looking little body scrub was the Maven Gift in our last Maslow & Co boxes (unboxed here) and I was super excited to receive it because I finished my last coffee scrub a while back and I've really been missing it.

Plus I don't normally buy special body care because I tend to put my pennies into facial skincare, so I'm always pleased to receive body products that don't come from the sale rack at the chemist - and happily I wasn't disappointed by this little scrub, which is a pleasure to use and something I'm really enjoying. More on that below.

At One Skincare claims/product details:
  • Uncover fresh, glowing skin 
  • An aromatic body scrub containing a luxurious blend of natural ingredients, including the purifying properties of freshly ground coffee beans
  • The caffeine in coffee stimulates skin circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite and stretchmarks
  • Sourced fresh from Crema Gourmet Coffee, a Western Australian family-owned and operated gourmet coffee roaster
  • This indulgent scrub is also bursting with coconut sugar, a natural source of glycolic acid that penetrates the skin and encourages cell regeneration 
  • Provides the anti-inflammatory properties of Epsom salt and elderflower
  • Regular use encourages noticeably hydrated, softer and smoother-looking skin
  • To use: apply a small amount to wet skin and gently massage in a circular motion; enjoy the invigorating aroma for a few minutes, then rinse with warm water until all traces of the exfoliants have been removed; gently pat dry
  • Available in full size (160g: $31.95 AUD) and travel size (45g: $15.95 AUD)


This is a lovely little body scrub and I've been rationing mine because I don't want to get through it too quickly. That tells you I must like it!

It's a dry scrub that comes in a good-looking little black tub, and while I really love the look of the packaging, I often manage to drop the lid onto the shower floor so it cracked long ago and the edges are sharp, meaning I need to be careful whenever I open it. 

I don't know whether I'm dropping it because I'm sleep-deprived and prone to clumsiness (we have a newborn and a toddler) or because the lid is made of shiny material that gets super slippery and hard to grip when wet. Perhaps a mixture of both ; )

The scrub itself is beautiful and it may be the nicest coffee scrub I've used to date: it's more finely milled than others so it feels more luxurious and I also think it's more gentle on the skin, while still being effective. The other coffee scrubs I've tried have been more chunky, so they've felt rougher and I haven't been able to use them as often. This one I can apply frequently without feeling that I'm overdoing it.

I love the scent of this product - it's rich and almost warm, a little like chocolate orange - and the fragrance just adds to the whole experience of using it. It's a little bit of luxury that makes my showers that much more enjoyable: something I appreciate, given how busy life is these days!

As for product claims, the travel-size doesn't contain enough for me to say that it reduces the appearance of things like stretchmarks and cellulite over time (although I doubt it does because those things are largely hereditary and there's not a lot you can do about them), but the scrub certainly does leave your skin feeling fresher and looking a little brighter.

I've got no idea whether it helps with skin circulation and cell regeneration, but I do think the product makes my skin smoother and softer, and my body cream just melts in after use so I think the scrub helps your skin 'take in' moisture by preparing its surface - something I always need, as a lass with perpetually dry skin.

All in all, this is a great little scrub and I recommend it. It's not the cheapest scrub on the market but my travel-size is lasting well because you don't need to use much each time, so it's something that would make a great treat for yourself or someone special.


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