Project Dent 2016 update: Becca Ombre Nudes Eye Palette


Around two weeks ago, I decided to use this eyeshadow palette as part of my Project Dent series, just to encourage myself to use it. I bought it earlier in the year and hadn't reached for it much until now, probably because it's a neutral palette that pulls cool on me and I prefer warmer tones.

I'm super glad I brought it into Project Dent because I've now realised just how useful it is! While two weeks isn't enough time to make a huge mark on an eyeshadow palette, it's definitely enough time to play around with it and work out where it sits in your collection.

What I've learned about this palette while I've been denting it is that it goes with any eyeshadow I've paired it with, and it's a great product to have on hand to mix with your singles and duos. I've reviewed it here.

While you can of course wear it alone, I like to have a shimmery lid shade (or at least a shimmery inner corner highlight shade) to go with it, so I can grab my shimmer of choice and know that this palette has me covered for the rest of a look.

Anyhoo. Here's what my palette looked like two weeks ago, on 7 November:

And here's what it looks like now, after using it daily and swatching it a few times for my review:

Obviously there's not much visible progress, although you wouldn't expect to see much after only a couple of weeks' use. But some dips have opened up in the first two shades in particular, and I can see myself using this palette to death.

Indeed, what I may end up doing is depotting this and putting it into a little Z-palette, along with some single shimmer shadows I'm not using (I rarely reach for singles, which is why I've depotted most of mine already): that way I'll have a complete palette to reach for, and one I know I'll use a lot.

Project Dent has certainly been useful in terms of working out just how I can use products in my collection, and I'm looking forward to picking out my next item!

Speak soon x

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