TRESemmé Youth Boost Fullness Emulsion Spray - review


We received one of these TRESemmé hair treatments in Marie Claire's Ageless Parcel (reviewed here). I was happy to see it because I don't have anything like it, so there was a spot for it in my collection and I was able to open it straight away. 

While I've been using it since February, it's taken me some time to write this review because I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about the product: I knew I liked it and that it was doing something, but it was hard to pinpoint exactly what it was doing because my hair is rather boofy as it is, so the effect is very subtle and I'd say it's designed for hair that's thinner than mine.

TRESemmé claims/product details:
  • A revolutionary thickening spray that makes hair look fuller and thicker, targeting the first signs of ageing hair
  • Infused with antioxidants and omega 3s to help plump your strands 
  • Helps with a lack of body and volume, dryness and dullness
  • Instantly lifts hair from the roots for 2 x fuller, thicker looking hair
  • Weightlessly recharges hair with youthful fullness, softness and shine
  • To use: spray 10-12 pumps on wet hair directly at the roots to cover the whole scalp; gently massage in with fingertips; can be applied to either wet or dry hair
  • RRP $10.99 for 125ml, but do shop around 


This stuff is growing on me each time I use it. As mentioned above, I have quite thick, boofy hair so I was probably never going to see huge results from the product in terms of volume - my frizz makes my hair look pretty volumised as it is ; ) - but I am seeing other 'non-volume' results from this spray and it's one I'm enjoying using.

It's a thin, clear fluid that looks and feels like water and has a fruity, slightly chemical scent that reminds me of the smell you'd find in the hairdresser. The smell doesn't linger so it won't interfere with your perfume, and the spray itself is so light on the hair that you'd be forgiven for forgetting you've put anything on.

I've tried this product on both wet and dry hair and haven't noticed any difference in result, so I like that you don't have to apply it to wet hair to get its effect because I often don't know which hair treatment I'm going to use until my hair's dry and I've seen what kind of condition it's in (eg after some washes it's drier than usual so I'll reach for one product over another).

I use the recommended 10 to 12 pumps and this feels like a good amount for my long hair, but you might want to lessen that if your hair's short or otherwise you might overdo it. Having said this, I get the feeling that it would be quite hard to overload your hair with this product because it almost seems to evaporate and it leaves absolutely no residue behind.

What it does do for my hair, however, is make it feel noticeably softer, smoother and more manageable, and it looks much shinier to boot. As for whether it adds volume, it's hard for me to comment on that because I have so much boof in my hair is it is (indeed, I often straighten it to remove said boof), but I have seen many reviewers confirm that this does add volume to thin, flat hair - so it's worth testing the product if volume is what you're after.

As mentioned above, the effect this product gives is quite subtle - I think in part because you can't feel or see it on your hair after application - so it's taken me some time to confirm my feelings on it. I always knew I liked it, but why did I like it? Since I couldn't immediately pinpoint what it was doing when I used it on all of my hair, what I did over a number of uses was apply it to half of my hair and leave the other half either product-free or covered in a different product. The side I'd used this product on always came out on top, so I had my answer!

Do note that this product doesn't do much in terms of hydration, frizz-management or detangling, so if like me you have dry, frizzy hair that often winds up in knots, you'll still need to use other products. I don't mind this because this spray doesn't claim to manage frizz etc, but it's worth mentioning all the same.

All in all, this is a great product and I'm really enjoying it. It's not a one-stop shop and I still need to use oil on my roots and a de-frizzer around the hairline, but what it claims to do, it does well - and it does it without weighing the hair down or reducing the time between washes.

The other good news is that it's not an expensive product and you can often find it on special somewhere (eg it's currently half-price at Priceline), so it won't break the bank.

I like this a lot. I'll definitely consider buying it once my bottle is done.

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