Swisspers Rosehip Rejuvenating Facial Cleansing Wipes - review


I received these facial wipes as part of my beautyheaven beautorium haul, having chosen them because I'd run out of facial wipes and wanted to give this brand a go.

Unfortunately I don't love them and they don't hold a candle to my HG facial wipes from Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals (reviewed here), and while they're certainly not the worst wipes I've used, I don't think they're very good either.

Swisspers claims/product details:
  • Cleansing and invigorating for the whole family 
  • The perfect handbag 'must-have' for busy women
  • Easily remove stubborn makeup and impurities from the face, neck and eyes
  • 100% alcohol and oil free, helping ensure your skin is left feeling extra soft
  • Contain powerful natural ingredients
  • Rich in vitamins and gently moisturising for skin
  • Extracts of rosehip and aloe help deeply hydrate and nourish, and restore the skin's radiant and youthful look
  • pH-balanced, so they help maintain proper skin hydration
  • Convenient re-sealable pack locks in freshness
  • To use: gently wipe over the eyelids, face and neck
  • RRP $6.69 AUD for 25 wipes, but do shop around


These aren't the worst wipes I've used but they're not great either.

First up, they don't contain enough moisture. Yes you can wet them with water to help the process along, but with so many wipes on the market that are wet enough themselves, I don't see why you should have to - and the lack of sufficient moisture is reason enough to avoid them.

Second, I don't like how these feel on my skin. If my skin is dry (as it is now) and I wipe one of these across it, I sometimes get a stinging sensation on my dry patches, so something in these obviously doesn't agree with me. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're irritating - and they're ok for use around my eyes - but perhaps these wipes and dry winter skin aren't a great mix.

Third, they don't clean well enough for me. Even when I add water to make them work better, I still feel like I'm rubbing too hard at my skin to get makeup to come off. This means the ingredients don't dissolve makeup well enough on their own, and I'd much prefer to use something that I can wipe gently across my face without using too much pressure.

Fourth, they're too smooth and I've come to prefer wipes that have some texture because I feel that this helps with makeup removal and also offers a light exfoliation to boot.

Also, I've just read through the product claims and I definitely don't find these hydrating in the slightest (quite the opposite - my skin feels dry after use), nor do I feel that they leave my skin feeling soft. Plus they don't remove 'easy' makeup well so these definitely don't meet the claim of removing stubborn makeup: you'll need something else to remove anything heavy on your eyes.

In sum, these aren't great wipes and I don't recommend them. I think you can find much better wipes on the market and these are a little more expensive than others I've used too.

Not for me.

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