Villainess Ginger Snapped Soap - review


I received this product ages ago from Violet Box, and while I remember loving the scent and the packaging, I automatically passed it on to my husband because I didn't use soap at the time and he did.

These days, however, I'm more likely to try soaps because I keep receiving nice ones in sub boxes and can't bear to give them away. Luckily Mex found this recently when he was cleaning his room (he loved the packaging too and hadn't wanted to open it), so we decided to pop it in the communal bathroom and give it a crack together.

While it is a nice product, I think you can find better-value ones from Villainess and I'd be much more likely to buy one of their body scrubs over their soaps, but more on all that below.

Villainess claims/product details:
  • Colour: caramel cookie dough flecked with cinnamon
  • Contains incendiary ginger root throughout to warm and exfoliate
  • Characteristic scent: a slightly psychotic blend of sweet cinnamon, rich cardamom, spicy ginger, and a faint touch of innocent vanilla
  • RRP $8.50 AUD for 90g, but do shop around

The packaging is awesome and I was so careful when I opened mine because I didn't want to tear it. Ridiculous because I'll likely throw it out, but I just didn't want to ruin it!

You can see above and below that it's a very thin soap. This is worth mentioning because you don't get a lot of product for your pennies, and I don't like thin soaps since they're more likely to break earlier on - and nobody likes trying to pick up and use thin shards of soap dregs. I think a cube or oval would have been better, but that's just my opinion.


This is a nice product and I'm enjoying using it for the scent alone, but I do think it's over-priced for the amount of soap you get and the quality isn't as good as it is for other fancy soaps I've used lately.

It's a thin, flat soap that's caramel in colour and it indeed smells like ginger snapped biscuits. I absolutely love the smell but if you want a Villainess-scented product (who wouldn't?!), I reckon you're better off going for something else in the range (eg one of the Smooch! Body Scrubs, reviewed here, which are sensational and much better value than this soap, in my opinion).

The formula of this product is ok but it's not amazing. It lathers reasonably well but not super well, and I feel the same about its cleaning prowess: it's ok but not a stand-out. Same goes for its exfoliating claims: there might be a small amount of exfoliating action going on but it's not something I notice when I use the product.

One thing I will say about Villainess is that I think it markets itself incredibly well in terms of brand name and the look/feel of the website and packaging, and how these things relate to the products it produces. I don't normally notice when brands do such things really well, so the fact that I've noticed it here says something. 

That's not a comment on the soap obviously, but more of a comment on Villainess overall - although it's worth mentioning because if you need a gift for someone who's hard to buy for, I think you could do a lot worse than picking up a few things from these guys, particularly if you're buying for someone younger.

All in all, this is a beautifully scented product and I'm enjoying using it for the smell alone, but the formula isn't a stand-out and it's not a product I would buy. If you're after something in the bath & body category from these guys, I definitely recommend trying the body scrubs over the soaps.

Have you tried anything from Villainess? Let me know if so : )

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