'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial Shadow + Base in Spiced Rum - review and swatches


I picked this up ages ago when Violet Box had one of its build-a-box promotions - I had the product in Ambrosia (reviewed here) and found it so useful that I wanted a second - but I only opened it recently because I wanted to make headway in Ambrosia before starting on this one.

I'm glad I have another one of these because they are useful products: you can wear them on their own for a quick look but they also make good eyeshadow bases to intensify the products you put on top and also make them last longer.

'Tini Beauty claims/product details:
  • Say goodbye to creasing and fading with Eyetini Eye Cordial Shadow + Base
  • Our revolutionary formula glides on a creamy colour and sets to a transfer-resistant finish 
  • Doubles as a wear-extending base under powder shadow
  • Comes with a wand applicator
  • Cruelty-free
  • RRP $23 AUD for 4g

'Spiced Rum' is described as a 'shimmering warm bronze' and I think that's accurate. 

While I did get a lot of use from Ambrosia (and you may remember that I included it in my Project Pan list to make sure I finished it before it dried out), I think Spiced Rum is a more useful shade - at least for me - and I can see myself wearing it lots.

The wand applicator makes things easy and I opt for applying the product with that and then blending it out with my finger.

There's a heavy swatch and a lighter one, shot taken in direct sunlight:

And indirect sunlight:

And indoors:

Below I've applied it along the lashline and then blended it upwards for a light wash of colour (click on any image to enlarge it):

There's a close-up below in direct sunlight. You can see it contains very fine specks of glitter, which I don't love but can live with because they're not noticeable in most lights:

Same shot, indirect sunlight (the finish looks more satin here, rather than shimmery):

One more for good measure:


These are great cream eyeshadows and I recommend them. I haven't had huge experience with these kinds of hybrid shadow/base products, but I've used a few now and these are the best I've tried. 

I prefer them over eg Maybelline's Colour Tattoos because I find them easier to apply and work with (partly because of the wand applicator and partly due to the thinner texture), and unlike some other formulas I've tried, these really do stay in place all day and they don't transfer once set.

It's worth noting that these products have quite a strong, chemical scent that I suspect will turn off a lot of people. I don't like sniffing the tube directly because I dislike the smell - and it is potent! - but I'm not aware of it once I've applied the product so I can get over it. Do test these first though if you're sensitive to smells because you mightn't be able to tolerate this one.

The shadow has a thin, mousse-like texture that applies and spreads well. A little goes a long way and I don't need to use much to see colour or create a good base for other shadows. The formula is also buildable, so you can apply a heavier coat than I have above if you want more impact.

I can also confirm that the tube will last for ages - even with frequent use - and it takes over a year for the product to start becoming a little drier, so I think they're good value on a per-use basis and I don't think the pricetag is unreasonable.

Spiced Rum is a useful bronze shade that works well on its own, but having hooded eyes I prefer to go over it with a matte eyeshadow in the crease and over the hood to retract the area a little.

You get about thirty seconds to work with the product before it sets (depending on how thick your layer is) and, once set, the shadow doesn't crease, transfer or fade throughout the day. That says a lot on my eyes because, being hooded, there's a lot of rubbing going on in that area whenever I blink, and these can withstand that.

All in all, these are fanstastic products that meet all their claims and I recommend them. If 'Tini Beauty was more widely available in Australia, I would definitely consider buying more of these in future. I'm not big on cream eyeshadows, but these are so easy to use and they work so well as bases that I'd always be happy to have a couple in my collection.


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