June 2016 favourites

I've decided to do my favourites a little differently this month: first, I'm posting them a few days early because I already know exactly what they are; and second, I'm not going to take a fresh round of photos because some items are finished or are no longer photogenic (eg the Ethique soap, which is dwindling by the day), or I've hacked open the packaging to get the last bits out - and butchered packaging doesn't look too good in photos either ; )

Also, I'm including purely skincare favourites this month because these are the items that have stood out most for me, and I'm also including three cleansers because I love them all and can't pick just one.

So it's not a good span of favourites this month, but I would rather talk about the products I can't get enough of, rather than pick things from different categories for the sake of it!

In no particular order...

Ethique Lime & Ginger Body Polish

I've reviewed this here. I received it in my first Maslow & Co box, and it's one of those products that grew on me more and more with each use. 

While it doesn't get my skin clean (so I use a separate cleanser) and it's not the most effective body scrub I've tried, I enjoy using it so much because it smells divine, feels beautiful on the skin and turns my shower into a luxury experience. Love love love. I might have to buy another one when mine's done.

Martina Organics Oil Cleanser

Another product from Maslow & Co! Like many, I'm all about oil cleansers at the moment and this one's gorgeous. I've reviewed it here.

It smells jasmine delicious and the texture is thinner than other cleansing oils I've tried, which I'm enjoying because I feel that the product is hydrating my skin while it's cleansing (the oil feels like it absorbs more, because it's thinner). A little also goes a long way with this so even this 30ml bottle is lasting an eternity.

Antipodes Chia & Kiwi Seed Superfood Serum

This is the third item from that same Maslow & Co box, so you can see it wound up being a great box for me! I'd been keen to try something from Antipodes and I'm so glad I have because this serum is just beautiful and it's great for dry winter skin. I've reviewed it here.

While I've had to get over the fishy smell, I can do this because my skin is looking a lot healthier and less parched than it did before I started using the product. I'm now keen to try more from Antipodes because it's not a super expensive brand and I'm hoping there's a more for me to discover from the range. Can't wait to find out.

Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-ageing Cream

I've reviewed this here. This product hit HG status for me within a few days of use because it's managed to fade some age spots I had where other products have failed. 

I've tried retinols and retinoids before and my skin generally can't tolerate them, but it can handle my once-daily applications of this product without issue and the results have really surprised me. I'd begun to think it wasn't possible to fade my pigmentation, but apparently it is. I've almost finished this now (it came in a Mecca Beauty Loop Box) and I'm going to have to buy the full-size because it works so well.

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

I fell in love with two oil cleansers this month, and this is the second one. I've reviewed it here. I bought it from Mecca Maxima last year when it was much better-priced at $39 than it is now at $48, but I only opened it a couple of months ago because I'd wanted to knock off a couple of other cleansers first. 

I love it because it smells amazing and feels beautiful on the skin, and unlike the Martina Organics product above, it's more of a traditional oil cleanser because it's thicker, emulsifies when you add water, and it's easier to remove. I'm going to ration my bottle because I don't want to finish it any time soon: I'm not sure I'd buy it again now that it's more expensive, but it's a beautiful product and one that I'm really enjoying.

SebaMed Liquid Face & Body Wash

Last up is this unexciting-looking little product, which I received in a sub box ages ago and had almost forgotten about because, let's face it, it doesn't look that special. I've reviewed it here.

But it became my morning cleanser of choice almost from the first use because it's super gentle and feels beautifully silky on the skin, and it's one of those rare cleansers that manages to clean well even though it's so gentle. It's also not very expensive and I recommend it for anyone, but particularly for those with really sensitive skin.

In sum

Them's my favourites! Just looking at these makes me want to go jump in the shower and use them all : )

It obviously hasn't been a great month for makeup for me, but who cares when you're discovering skincare that's this good.

What have you been loving this month?

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