Ethique Lime & Ginger Body Polish - review


I received this product in my first-ever box from Maslow & Co (reviewed here). 

It's one of those beautifully presented and different products that would make a great gift for the skincare lover who has everything, and I'll certainly be looking out for specials and discounts because I've been enjoying mine and can only imagine that others would too.

Ethique claims/product details:
  • Lather up and scrub from tip to toe!
  • Infused with lime and ginger oils, Ethique’s Lime and Ginger Body Polish is both sweet and zingy, refreshing the senses and softening the skin with cocoa butter and bamboo powder
  • The perfect body scrub for all skin types
  • RRP $20 AUD for 100g

You can see it comes in the form of a soap, beautifully wrapped in wax paper and housed in an elegant and fun lime green box. I've actually kept my box because I like the look of it, although who knows what I'm planning to do with it ; )

I could smell the product even before opening the packaging, so the fragrance is definitely there.


This is one of those products that's grown on me with each use. When I first tried it, I loved using it but wasn't sure that it had enough scrubby matter, so I didn't feel it would add anything to my shower routine. Happily there's more scrubby matter in the bar once you get past the top layer of product, so my feelings on the soap have changed over time.

It's a green cube of soap that indeed smells of lime and ginger, and it's a scent I'm really enjoying because it's light and refreshing.

The product itself doesn't lather, so don't expect it to because you may wonder how well it's cleaning - as I did when I first used it - but it's not marketed as a cleanser so I've forgotten that and instead focused on what else it's doing.

To start with I was rubbing the bar along my body and massaging the product in as it melted, but I felt I was getting through it too quickly that way so what I now do is pinch a little bit off (it's soft enough that you can do this) and apply it to my skin with my hands. This is making it last longer, which I'm pleased about because I don't want to finish the product any time soon.

Once you get through the top layer or two of product, there's enough scrubby matter to call this a decent body scrub. It's certainly not the most concentrated or effective scrub I've used, but of the three scrubs I have on hand in the shower, this is the one I keep reaching for so that's definitely saying something.

Indeed, what sets this product apart for me is that it's an absolute pleasure to use. Something about the smell and feel of it against my skin - it seems to melt like butter - has made it the body care item I'm most excited about ever since I opened it six weeks ago. It leaves my skin feeling nicely buffed after use but it's neither too harsh nor too scratchy, so it's something I can use on every second day without feeling that I've overdone it.

My first impression of this product was that I liked it but it wasn't something I'd rush out and buy, but I don't feel that way anymore and I reckon I'll have to buy it once my bar is done because I enjoy the experience of using it so much. 

In sum, I'm loving this scrub and I recommend it. It mightn't be the best exfoliant I've used and I do need a separate cleanser because I don't feel that this cleans, but whatever it lacks in efficacy, it more than makes up for in experience and I'm planning on picking a few of these up as Christmas presents because they just feel special and luxe.


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