Project Dent 2016: Stila Shape & Shade Custom Contour Duo in Medium


I had meant to get through a couple of products each month for Project Dent 2016, but unless something changes, it's looking as though one product per month might be more workable. 

Perhaps not surprising, given that I'm pregnant and am chasing a toddler around (and working a little on top of that), so I guess I'll be happy if I can reach the end of the year and know that a good bundle of my products have received a lot of love.

Anyhoo. For more info on what I'm calling Project Dent and why I'm doing it, see my introductory post here. In short, it's a kind of spin-off of Project Pan: I'm picking out some of my products this year and really focusing on those for a short space of time, so I can start to see some nice dents in them. It's a good way of ensuring that everything in my collection is getting plenty of love.

For June 2016, I'm sticking with the Stila theme for now and I've grabbed this cream contour kit - a product I've had for a while and do reach for frequently, but also one that doesn't seem to be getting any smaller because a little goes a long way and I only use the tiniest amount each time.

It's also a product that I've been meaning to review for ages but haven't for one reason or another, so I'm looking forward to getting that review posted so I can cross it off my list.

Below is what the kit looks like:

And here's a close-up of the pans:

As you can see, some good smudge marks are in each pan but not quite what you'd call a 'dent', so my aim for June is to use this daily and wind up with a product that looks a little more loved. It's a good product but contouring isn't something I do daily, so it will be a challenge to put this into daily rotation.

I'll check back in towards the end of June so you can see what progress I've made. I'm predicting that we won't see too much, but hopefully the pans will look a touch smaller and by then I'll have a review up so you'll know my thoughts on the kit.

'Till then : )

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