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As part of my second blogiversary series, I'd thought I might do a post on my favourite products of the blogging year - but since products are covered off frequently in monthly and yearly favourites posts, I decided it might be more useful to do a round-up of my favourite brands.

Since this is the first time I've written the post, I'll include my favourite brands of all time - but in coming years I might limit myself to those brands I've discovered throughout the previous year. Otherwise things might start getting repetitive!

Also, note that I'm only including a brand if I've used more than one of its products that's amazing - so if I've only ever tried a brand's lipstick formula and loved it, that's not enough for the brand to get a mention. Also also, I won't include links to reviews of products or we'll be here for ages, but if you're interested you can always use the search panel on the right of this blog.

So without further ado, here's my list...

OGX (Organix)

I found OGX haircare late last year and I haven't looked back since. Everything I've tried from these guys has been amazing - from the shampoo/conditioner combos I've tried, to its hair masks and de-frizzing treatments.

If you're anything like me, you may have wandered past the OGX section and thought 'oh, I'll try something from there one day' but never done so, and if that's you, I urge you to bite the bullet! It's not too expensive to start with but everything I've bought from the range has been heavily discounted (I'm talking half price) so it's worth waiting for specials because these often come up.


This brand was recently placed front-of-mind again because I received a sample product in one of my subscription boxes, which made me look for it online and I was happy to discover that it's now more readily available in Australia, which it wasn't in the past.

I fell in love with the bath and body products from these guys when we were living in Berlin, and I especially recommend the foaming shower gels, shower pastes and body creams. It's my birthday soon so I might 'have' to ask for something from Rituals: I've been missing its products ever since we migrated back to Australia.


This would be my second favourite bath and body brand: I love everything from its soaps and candles to its hand creams and body lotions. And the good news is, it's an Australian brand that's widely available and its products aren't super expensive: indeed, depending on what you choose, some of its items are rather cheap!

On top of that, MOR packaging is gorgeous so its products just feel special, and they make great last-minute presents if you're in a jam. Love love love.

St Tropez

There's not too much to say about these guys, other than that I'm yet to use a bad tanning product from them. Yes they're on the expensive side, but you do get what you pay for and St Tropez's products often do much more than simply give you a nice, healthy glow (eg the anti-ageing facial tanner is good enough to use for its powers as a facial cream alone, tanning aside).

Also, since St Tropez is widely available, you can often grab its products at a discount, meaning it doesn't have to be as expensive as the RRP would suggest.


If you read this blog, you'll be no stranger to Alpha-H because I've used so many of its products and it's without question my favourite skincare brand of all time. 

While most of its cleansers haven't grabbed me, pretty much everything else from these guys has blown my socks off. It's a brand that creates things that just work for my skin, and I can't imagine ever being without some of its glycolic acid products in particular because they keep my skin looking and feeling its best.

I'd recommend Alpha-H's Liquid Gold as a starting point, but I don't think you can go wrong with any of its treatment products.


While I've used some skincare from Ren that hasn't wowed me, its treatment products in particular have made a huge difference to my skin. From the fabled Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, to the Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and its new Bio Retinoid Cream, some of Ren's products have succeeded where other products have failed.

Best thing is, it's not the most expensive brand lining the shelves at Mecca, and while many of its products don't come cheap, I think it's reasonably priced for what you get.

Suki Skincare

I discovered Suki through Violet Box and almost all of the Suki products I've tried have been outstanding. I like its cleansers in particular, but it also has some products geared towards blemishes that really do clarify the skin. I remember using a clarity pack of travel-sized products from Suki, and they cleared up my skin faster than anything I've used before. 

I wish Suki was more widely available in Australia, but it's still worth mentioning the brand because I don't think it yet has the recognition it deserves.


With some expensive brands I feel that you're paying for the label more than anything else, but not Hourglass: everything I've used from the brand has been so outstanding that it far exceeds anything else on the market.

Its powders really do make you look airbrushed and take years off your face without looking like heavy makeup, and I couldn't live without its Ambient Lighting Powders, Blushes and Bronzers in particular. I'm even a fan of its controversial eyeshadows, and its serum primer is like nothing else I've used when it comes to fixing dry skin before makeup application. Worth the price, in my humble opinion.

Kevyn Aucoin

While this is a well-known brand, it doesn't seem to get as much market attention as many other, lesser brands. But its blushes and eyeshadows are just beautiful and they look better on the face than so many other products I've tried, and don't forget the fabled Candlelight highlighter - a cult favourite for a reason.

If I had more money I'd be overloaded with Kevyn Aucoin's products, and I've heard that the brand's foundations are well-worth a look-in. Something for the wishlist!


We all know Becca for its highlighters, and while I do think the liquid versions are fantastic, I don't think the pressed versions are quite as good as other products it creates. Becca blushes rate in my top three blush formulas of all time, to the point that I own four of them: more than any other blush formula lining my shelves.

I also love the two eyeshadow palettes I own from these guys (the five-pan ombre products), and I'm really enjoying its Aqua Luminous Foundation and Backlight Priming Filter (mental note to review those soon).

Yes it's expensive, but in Australia you can find it from various online retailers that often have Becca products discounted and/or on special (unlike Hourglass and Kevyn Aucoin), so you don't need to pay full price.


Stila mightn't make my favourite powder formula, but I do own two of its eyeshadow palettes and one of its bronzers, and I get a lot of use from all three because they just work with very little effort.

If I had to pick my favourite Stila products, though, it would be its lighter bases: I've owned and loved a tinted moisturiser, CC cream and two BB creams from Stila, and they're among the best bases I've used. They just work for my skin and they look natural while still offering a decent amount of coverage. I would repurchase all of them.


Bodyography has to be one of the most underrated brands out there: its liquid and powder foundations are the best I've used and I've never heard anyone talking about them. Why oh why?

I also love its lip products, of which I've tried four, and I'd love to try some of its blushes and eyeshadows too because I bet they're sensational. If you ever have the chance to try something from Bodyography, I urge you to do so - particularly if you're in need of a foundation (powder or otherwise) that just looks like skin.


It wasn't hard to pick my favourite pharmacy/drugstore brand because Maybelline makes my favourite budget lipsticks and its Fit Me Liquid Foundation is my HG product of its kind.

It can also produce a decent mascara and of course everyone loves its fabled Color Tattoo cream eyeshadows, and I'm sure there's a lot more from Maybelline for me to discover: I don't own a lot of pharmacy makeup at the moment because I have too much stuff to warrant impulse purchases, but as I get through things via Project Pan, I'll be heading for the Maybelline counter because its products generally work for me.

In sum

What better excuse to talk about your favourite brands than when your blogiversary rolls around? There are of course other companies I could have mentioned (eg Too Faced makes a killer eyeshadow) but I wanted to limit my list to those brands that have made a number of products I love.

I can see this list growing bigger in years to come, since I've recently discovered a couple of new brands that have grabbed me but I haven't tried many of their products yet (eg Burberry and Antipodes), so I'm looking forward to making another list when my third blogiversary rolls around next year.

Until then! xx

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