Martina Organics Oil Cleanser - review


I received this cleanser in my first-ever Maslow & Co box (unboxed here), and I was super pleased to see it because I'm absolutely on board the cleansing oil trend and, like many, I can't get enough of them.

I knew from the first use that this would be one of my favourite items from the box, based on the smell and texture of the product alone. Happily that opinion hasn't changed over time and I'm really loving the cleanser: it's harder to remove than other oil cleansers I own, but I'm willing to overlook that because it works and I enjoy using it so much.

Martina Organics claims/product details:
  • Designed to both heal and hydrate
  • Melts away impurities, makeup and excess sebum without stripping the skin of moisture
  • Argan, manuka and hemp fight acne inflammation and treat blemishes
  • Jojoba unblocks pores
  • Marula and jasmine reduce redness and scarring
  • Almond and apricot soften
  • Camellia hydrates and replenishes
  • Ideal for removing eye makeup
  • Unisex and suitable for all skin types
  • To use: soften your face, neck and d√©colletage area with warm water, then gently massage a small amount in a circular motion with clean fingertips; rinse off well using a face cloth and warm water
  • RRP $29 AUD for 30ml
  • For more information, see Martina Organics' website here


Two things struck me about this product when I first used it, and they still do now: first, the scent is absolutely beautiful (I've always loved jasmine); and second, this is much thinner than any other oil cleanser I've used to date so it feels nice and light against the skin.

It may be the thinner texture, but I only need to apply the smallest amount of this per use - much less than other oil cleansers I've been testing - so even this little 30ml bottle seems never-ending. Also, once it's on the skin and you add water, it doesn't emulsify and turn milky, so be aware of this if that's what you're used to because it doesn't 'act' the same as other oil cleansers I've tried.

On that, this is one of those products where it's important to read the instructions prior to use, rather than just going in with your usual method. I think it does help to add water first, you really do only need a small amount of product, and you will need a warm damp face cloth to get the stuff off. 

That is, unless you're like me and take a shower in the evenings - in which case it will come off, so the extra step of adding a face cloth doesn't bother me because I don't need one, but it may bother some so it's worth noting. Also worth noting is that, in my experience, it won't come off on its own under the shower unless you use a separate cleanser to remove it.

I normally remove my makeup with a dedicated makeup remover and then apply this, and I leave it for a few minutes because it smells so nice and feels so good on my dry skin (and also because I hope to get some added benefit from allowing it to sit there), then I jump in the shower and do my thing. But I have tried this as a makeup remover for the purposes of this review: it does indeed remove most makeup, but you may need something else for your mascara as I do - but then, I always do!

On the claims: this does feel hydrating and it does melt away most makeup and grime; I can't tell whether it has any effect on treating blemishes because I haven't had many lately; and I can't say whether this unblocks pores but mine certainly don't feel congested when I use this. It does also soften and replenish the skin, but I'd be surprised if a cleanser could reduce redness or scarring (and I certainly haven't noticed anything to that effect).

All in all, I love this cleanser and can't get enough of it. I have three favourites from the NZ box and this is one of them (the others are the products from Antipodes and Ethique), and I can't pick a favourite from those three! It mightn't be the most effective oil cleanser I've tried, but the experience of using it - the smell and texture especially - have won me over.


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