Goodness Every Week Face Scrub - review


I received this scrub as a freebie in my recent beautorium haul (thanks beautyheaven!) and I hadn't meant to open it for a while, but I felt like trying a couple of new products over the past week or two and this was one of the ones I reached for.

I was hoping to love it because I'd seen some great reviews of the product on beautyheaven, but unfortunately I'm one of the few who doesn't feel this does much towards exfoliation. More on all that below.

Goodness claims/product details:
  • Use me every week if you want, or just when you see me in the shower and realise it’s been a while
  • With all the goodness of powdered pumice, chia seed, and avocado and coconut oils, I’ll buff your skin into shape
  • Scratch-free exfoliation (don’t forget a little love for your neck)
  • Natural botanical goodness (no nonsense included)
  • With chia seed oil’s winning 3:1 ratio of omega 3 to omega 6
  • To use: wet face; apply; buff; rinse
  • RRP $12.95 AUD for 50ml, but do shop around

There's what it looks like above and below. 

You can see it's a creamy product and you may be able to tell that there's not a lot of good, scrubby matter in there because you can't see it!


This isn't a bad product, I just think it's better geared towards those who have really sensitive skin and can't tolerate much exfoliation.

It's a white cream that smells nicely herbal and it applies and spreads well. When I first used it, I thought I may have misread my tube because I couldn't detect any grains and it felt more like a cream cleanser or moisturiser, but I did find some sparse scrubby matter in later applications so there may just be an issue with how consistent the formula is (and indeed I do find that some bits of product have more scrubby matter in them while others have little or none).

Now my skin is dry and a little sensitive so I do prefer scrubs that aren't too harsh, but for me this crosses from gentle territory into 'does nothing' territory. The pumice grains are so fine that they don't do anything for me, and I don't think there's enough of them either - or at least there isn't in my tube.

For me, this is more of a cream cleanser that feels beautifully rich and nourishing against the skin, but it doesn't leave me with an exfoliated face so I can't rely on this for the normal things you'd expect from an exfoliant: eg it doesn't leave me with smoother, clearer or brighter skin, nor does it buff my face into glowy radiance like a good exfoliant would.

All in all, I'm not going to say that this is a bad product because I don't think it is and there's a lot to like about it (eg the pricetag, the texture and feel on the skin), but it doesn't do anything for me in terms of exfoliation and I think it's best for those with super sensitive skin who need a really gentle scrub.


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