Project Pan mini update #12


I went to use my 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial this morning and realised it had started to dry out, which isn't surprising because I've used up most of the product and there's perhaps only one-fifth left.

Also, when I compared its smell and texture to the newer version I own in a different shade, I knew it was time to turf this one because, of all the places on your face, you don't want to mess with your eye area and use products there that have started to turn, as this one clearly has. Eye infections aren't fun, believe me, so it's time to say goodbye to this product and move something else into circulation.

Note: I'm counting this product as 'finished' because it's been on my list since last year and I've used it almost every day. I don't think I could have ever got through every last drop of the product before it started to dry out, but I certainly made a good go of it so I reckon we can validly call it 'done' : )

And here's what I'm replacing it with:

Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Simone Baby Coral

I've reviewed this here. I do love Shanghai Suzy lipsticks but I wound up with so many that I've often had to feature them in Project Pan just to knock off a few and streamline my collection.

Also, I should note that these lipsticks seem to turn faster than most - I guess they're not built to last because SS releases seasonal collections twice yearly and they're on the cheaper end of the spectrum, so I suspect they're not made to go the distance. Another reason to pop them on the PP list and finish them before they're well and truly dead.

I've found that my SS lipsticks tend to go a little thick and waxy in texture after being open for around 18 months (perhaps even less if you use them often), so it's worth mentioning this in case you're after something that will last a little longer.

While this particular shade became waxy a few months ago, I've nevertheless been able to keep using it because it smells fine and still wears reasonably well, and as you can see, the waxy issue hasn't stopped me from using most of it!

Since this lipstick is already looking quite sad, I'm expecting it to be done within a month. Fingers crossed : )

I'll check back in soon with another PP update. 

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