Be a Bombshell Eye Quad in London - review and swatches


I received this Be a Bombshell Eye Quad in my December Lust Have It Women's Box (reviewed here), and I wasn't thrilled to see it because it's the third eyeshadow I've received from that brand and none has been very good - plus I do prefer to receive items in sub boxes that I haven't tried before.

Anyhoo. I would have sent this straight to the presents/swap pile if it weren't for the purple shade, since I'm having a purple moment with my eyeshadow these days and I wanted to try the colour.

Unfortunately I'm regretting opening and using this now because, as suspected, the formula isn't good and I can't see myself using it often - but more on all that below.

Be a Bombshell claims/product details:
  • A highly pigmented, long lasting formula for all day wear
  • 'London' contains the following shades: Halo, Pistol, Corrupt, Starstruck
  • RRP $22 AUD for 4g

There's the quad photographed in natural light above and in direct sunlight below:

And indirect sunlight:

Below I've run my fingers through the pans several times in an attempt to pick up some colour; you can see that the shades are quite sheer:

Swatched in direct sunlight:

And in natural light:

Wearing it on the eyes below (purple through the crease and travelling upwards; white/pearl on the inner corners and centre of the lid; silver on the outer third of the lid; and the charcoal as a definer in the outer v):

There's a close up below. Yes I've gone for a softer look, but I've also had trouble building and blending the colours - even with a decent primer. It also looks quite frosty and emphasises texture, making my lids look rather crepey:

One more for good measure:

And below I've scrapped the look and just focused on using the purple, since that's the shade I'm most interested in anyway (I've used a neutral brown from another palette up through the crease to blend it out):

There's a close-up below. You can see I've had trouble getting an even application: the shadow is patchy through the middle (especially in the centre and along the lid):


This is the second eye quad I've used from Be a Bombshell, and in both cases I've had the same issue: I look at this and have no idea how to create a complete eye look from it, and in fact I don't think you can because it doesn't contain a single matte shade.

I've seen a few people complain of this issue when it comes to Be a Bombshell quads, so it's worth mentioning that I don't think the brand compiles its palettes well - something to consider if you're thinking of buying one. You mightn't get a full eye look from it, and if you're anything like me, this means that you won't reach for it much and it will sit around gathering dust, even if you quite like a shade or two from the quad.

I've found that all four of the shades in this London quad aren't great quality. They're quite hard to the touch and application is on the sheer side, meaning you'll need to apply heaps of product if you want the eyeshadows to show up. Of course, the problem with applying lots of powder is that shadows show texture really quickly, which is why my eyes look much older and more crepey than they normally do in the photos above.

I've also found that a couple of these shades - the light and dark grey - are really hard to work with. They just don't want to apply and blend, and I wasn't able to get a look I was happy with from the quad. 

Also, all four colours suffer from patchy application and I found it hard to get an even look from them. They also have a tendency to settle into lines - even with a good primer - so I wouldn't be wearing these to an all-day event.

In sum, Be a Bombshell has some decent products (I like the brand's blushes in particular) but I don't rate its eyeshadows, or at least the ones I've tried. The quads I've used aren't composed well, and the shadows themselves aren't easy to work with and some lack pigment. Plus the shadows feel cheap in texture and show imperfections on the eyes. They might be better for a younger face, but they're not good on me.


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