June 2016 empties #2


I wasn't expecting it to be a huge month for empties, and while it hasn't been my hugest of late, what's been different about it is that I managed to finish seven products from my Project Pan list during the month. Can you believe it? I can't!

The flip side of this, of course, is that it could well end up being a slow few months for Project Pan because I've finished so much together, although I am expecting my empties posts to stay reasonably consistent because I have plenty of travel-sized products in circulation and those don't take too long to get through.

Anyhoo. Let's have a look : )

Alpha-H Gentle Daily Exfoliant, Instant Facial and Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel

You may remember that I absolutely love the Gentle Daily Exfoliant (reviewed here) and Blemish Control Gel (reviewed here), so much so that I've already got back-ups for each. 

The exfoliant is a powder that you mix with water to make a paste, and it manages to resurface the skin without stripping it and is indeed gentle enough for daily use. The blemish treatment actually works - rare, in my experience - and my skin hasn't looked this clear in ages, especially around the chin area where I get most of my breakouts. Repurchase? Yes to both.

The Instant Facial (reviewed here) isn't my favourite product from Alpha-H - I think because it's on the gentle side and I get much better results from other products in the range (eg Alpha-H's Liquid Gold). It's not a bad product and it does have some effect, but I think it's probably better for those with more sensitive skin. Repurchase? No.

Villainess Ginger Snapped Soap

Full review here. I love Villainess packaging and scents, and while this product didn't fail on either front, I don't think it was a particularly amazing soap in terms of cleansing prowess. It was also so skinny that it broke in half early on, as I predicted. 

It came in a sub box and I didn't mind it but I wouldn't go out and buy it because I've used better soaps, and it's also overpriced for how much product you get. Purchase? No. 

Ren Bio Retinoid Anti-ageing Cream

I received this in a Mecca Beauty Loop Box, and I loved it so much that it hit HG status within the first few days of use and I already know that I'll be buying the full size. I've reviewed it here.

What amazed me about this product is that it actually worked on my pigmentation where other products have failed, plus it's the only retinol or retinoid product I've come across so far that my skin can tolerate, so I can use it often enough to see results. Purchase? Yes.

Suki Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion

Full review here. This was a Project Pan product so I won't go on about it too much more here, other than to say that it was the only Suki product I've come across so far that I really didn't like. It didn't clean well and it also left a film on my skin that needed to be removed with another cleanser, so it didn't do its job and I needed to put it into PP rotation to actually finish it. Repurchase? No.

Palmolive Naturals Sea Minerals with Moisture Beads Hydrating Shower Gel

This was a rubbish shower gel and the more I used it, the more I didn't like it. I've reviewed it here. What bothered me most about the product is that it says 'hydrating' right there on the bottle, but the damn thing isn't hydrating in the slightest and it actually dries my skin out. 

I disliked it so much that I poured half the bottle into the handwash dispenser we keep in the kitchen because I didn't want to use it on my body anymore (so it's a 'cheat' product in that respect because there's still some in the dispenser ; ) ). Repurchase? No.

Project Pan products

Look how much else I've finished, and there were a couple of products in my first June empties post too! I won't go on about these here because I've done that through Project Pan, other than to say that the Shanghai Suzy Lipstick and Revlon CC Cream are decent products that I would repurchase, but the Australis kit and Tonymoly gloss are rubbish and I'm so happy to see the back of them.

In sum

Wuhoo to making such progress with Project Pan this month! The best products in this lot are the Alpha-H exfoliant and blemish treatment, and the Ren retinoid cream - all of which I would buy (and indeed I've already replaced the two Alpha-H items).

Here's to another good month of empties in July. Do let me know if you've finished anything amazing this month : )

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