Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ - review


I opened this little Alpha-H kit a while ago now and I've been particularly enjoying this facial sunscreen and also the Gentle Daily Exfoliant, which I plan to buy in full size.

The other three products I've used before so they haven't felt as exciting as the exfoliant and this sunscreen, purely because I love trying new things.

While the Gentle Daily Exfoliant made it to my 2015 favourites list (see here) because I'd reviewed it before year's end, this little sunscreen didn't but it may well have if I'd used it more before the new year. It's so good that I've given it an HG tag, so it may well pop up in my 2016 favourites because it's rare to find a sunscreen with such a high SPF and no heavy or greasy finish.

Alpha-H claims/product details:
  • This broad-spectrum SPF 50+ moisturiser protects against harsh UVA/UVB rays and future proofs against photo ageing
  • Non-greasy and non-whitening
  • Nourishes and hydrates the skin while fighting environmental aggressors
  • Contains pomegranate, which has sun protection compounds that shield the skin against free radical damage
  • Pycnogenol prevents photo-ageing and restores skin vitality
  • Mango seed butter provides natural UV protection, leaving the skin feeling silky and mattified 
  • Daily use slows down sun-induced ageing aggressors
  • Prevents the severity of hyperpigmentation 
  • Provides a good base for makeup
  • For all skin types
  • To use: apply one to two pumps onto the face, neck and d√©colletage every morning
  • RRP $62 AUD for 50ml


I absolutely love this sunscreen and it reminds me of the Mecca To Save Face Superscreen SPF 50+ because they both feel great on the skin, aren't greasy, provide a good base for makeup and have a big dose of sun protection.

The only issue with this sunscreen is that it's quite expensive: it costs $62 for 50ml and the Mecca product costs $40 for 75ml, so I would obviously pick the Mecca product over this one because it's more affordable.

This product is a flesh-tinted cream with a faint, mealy scent that inoffensive and doesn't linger. It is indeed non-greasy and it mattifies the skin without being heavy or powdery. The tint doesn't show up on the skin but the product does have a skin-smoothing and evening effect, so it makes a great base for makeup.

I have dry, sensitive skin and this product hasn't irritated or clogged pores, and it feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin while still being hydrating. Unlike many sunscreens with high sun protection, it doesn't leave a white film on the face so it's undetectable, meaning it's a good product to pat over makeup as well if you need to boost your sun protection throughout the day.

Some products containing sunscreen can also irritate my sensitive eyes if I use them anywhere near the eye area: this one doesn't do that, which is a huge plus for me because I can't tell you how many times I've been out and my eyes have started watering from my sunscreen, leaving makeup all over my face. Not a good look!

Do note that I've tried the SPF 30+ facial cream from Alpha-H and I didn't love that because it left my face quite greasy so I couldn't apply it over makeup throughout the day, but even though this one has a higher SPF, it doesn't have the same issues so don't discount it if you've used the SPF 30+ product and had the same problems as I did: this one is much better.

All in all, this is a fantastic product that meets all it's claims. My only gripe with it is the price tag, but you can often find it on special somewhere so it's worth shopping around.


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