Time for a haircare change up!


As you may know, I've recently been using OGX products on my hair and absolutely loving those.

I noticed last week, however, that my hair was starting to feel quite heavy, so I suspect I'm experiencing some haircare build-up and it's now time to change my haircare routine for a while before going back to my OGX products (I'm about halfway through those at present).

Haircare build-up is common and I've experienced it with most haircare I've used for long enough - especially the stuff that's designed for dry hair like mine because it contains more weighty, nourishing ingredients - so there's no issue with the OGX products, it's just time to give them a rest for a while.

This Davroe 'Smooth' kit was given to me by my mum two Christmases ago, and since it takes me so long to finish hair products, it's been sitting in the cupboard unopened since I received it.

It's been on my list of products to open for a while, so it's a good time to do that now that I need a break from my OGX haircare.

 The kit contains:

  • Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner 350ml
  • Davroe Replenish Jojoba Créme Treatment 200g
  • Davroe Smooth Senses Straightening Balm 200g

I'll comment on each product briefly now, then write full reviews of the individual products and the kit as a whole once I've used them.

That's a lot of haircare! 

Here's to hoping I don't receive more haircare from sub boxes for the next little while - I'm backlogged as it is ; )

Davroe Smooth Senses Shampoo & Conditioner

These are designed to tame frizz and help prevent fly-aways, providing moisture, shine and manageability. The Smooth Senses range also protects against surface damage from regular heat styling.

That sounds like exactly what I need, so I'll be interested to see how these go.

Davroe Replenish Jojoba Créme Treatment

This apparently strengthens and rebuilds weakened hair, and penetrates the hair shaft to work from the inside and help fortify and renew. It also reduces premature colour fading and restores shine and silkiness, leaving hair in optimum condition.

I definitely need some of that! Ach, the terrors of having dry hair.

Davroe Smooth Senses Straightening Balm

This one's meant to be the perfect accompaniment to heat styling. It helps repel moisture and humidity for increased straightening potential, and contains an aloe vera and olive oil formula that offers protection against heat damage while smoothing and eliminating frizz for increased manageability with a high shine.

Sounds good to me! I don't straighten my hair as much these days because I don't have the time, but maybe this product will encourage me to start doing it more often again.

In sum

Looking forward to testing these! Do let me know if you've used Davroe products before, and what you think of them if so.

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