Lust Have It Women's Box January 2016


Look what showed up today - woot woot!

I've been looking forward to this month's LHI even more than usual, since I've put myself on another spending ban and sub boxes are now my only source of fun new products.

Happily this month's LHI arrived before the end of the month, and it's a great box so I'm extra pleased.

There's the description card that came with the box. 

This month we received a full-size lip crayon, blush and micellar water, and deluxe samples of some beautifully packaged skincare products.

I always prefer more skincare than makeup in these boxes since I already have so much makeup, so I'm happy to see that this box contains some good face products: I do need those because my stores are dwindling by the day.

How nice is the SkinYoga packaging?! It has to be some of the best packaging I've ever seen.

I received a SkinYoga product in a previous LHI Eco Box, and I'm thrilled to see more from the brand (just because the packaging is so nice, not because I know whether the stuff is any good ; )). What I might do is open and test them together, to see how they work when combined.

Let's have a quick look at each item in turn:

Unani Micellar Water (RRP $22.50 AUD for 200ml; received full size)

This was the sneak peek item for this month and I'm happy to see it because I have nothing else like it. Micellar water seems to be all the rage these days, but I've only ever tried the Bioderma one and I didn't love that (I know, I know: I'm weird), so hopefully I'll prefer this one.

Apparently this is a refreshing solution that leaves your skin soft and clean, removes impurities and clarifies the skin, leaving it supple and hydrated. Sounds good. Fingers crossed.

SkinYoga Almond Orange Face Scrub (RRP $24 AUD for 50g; received 5g sample)

According to the product card, almonds and oranges work wonders for cleansing and repairing your skin. This scrub aims to hydrate and mildly exfoliate, giving a smooth and flawless complexion. We should apparently be able to tell the higher quality ingredients from the first use.

I hope so! In any event, I'll be keeping the packaging and displaying it because it's so gorgeous.

SkinYoga Sandalwood Saffron Face Mask (RRP $24 AUD for 50g; received 5g sample)

Another beautifully packaged product from these guys. This one's meant to reverse the signs of ageing and gradually remove wrinkles and dark spots (that'd be good!). It should also improve skin texture and make the complexion lighter and more radiant, as well as helping with skin regeneration, circulation and elasticity.

I really hope this works. I'm starting to think I 'need' the whole SkinYoga range ; )

Hikari Blush in Bikini (RRP $21 AUD for 6g; received full size)

I didn't love the Hikari eyeshadow we received in a previous box, but that was more to do with the colours I received (although the quality of each shadow in the quad wasn't consistent either).

When I first saw the colour I received - described as a 'pinky peach with light shimmer' - I was quite pleased. Then I swatched it. I have a feeling it will be far too icy and pale for me (as Benefit's Coralista was), but I'll reserve judgement until I test it.

There's a swatch in natural light (blended on the left and heavier on the right):

And in sunlight:

According to the card, this blush is designed to highlight your complexion and can be used lightly for a fresh look or layered for a more dramatic look. It's also meant to apply well and last all day.

It did feel soft and finely milled to the touch, but I'm not sold on the colour - I think it would suit paler, cooler-toned lasses but not work as well for those of us with warmer, medium or dark skin. We'll see. I might be completely wrong.

Hikari Lip Crayon in Macchiato (RRP $18 AUD for 2.5g; received full size)

Unfortunately my one of these arrived broken: the product itself has fallen from the plastic cradle inside the tube and squished itself against the lid. I can't be bothered asking for a replacement, and in any event, I should still be able to use it so I'll live.

These are apparently rich and highly pigmented, and you can use them lightly or build them for a stronger colour.

There's a swatch:

A lot of people wouldn't be happy with an orangey brown but I'm super excited to receive something that isn't bright pink or red! I have a feeling the colour will suit me and I don't have enough neutrals, so I'm looking forward to trying it.

In sum

I'm really pleased with this box. 

Forget the makeup - I love the look of the skincare products I received and can't wait to try them. This is a good box for me because I'll probably keep everything except the blush (unless I'm wrong about how the colour will work on my skin).

Did you receive this month's LHI? Let me know what you think if so : )

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