Spending ban: one month down


If you read this blog, you'll know that I announced another spending ban last week.

I've put 'one month down' in the title however because I did start a low buy at the beginning of 2016 and I think it's ok to include that in my total (I mean, that still took some discipline...).

For the first two weeks of January, I was following a 'one in, one out' rule (and with some products it was a 'one in, two out' arrangement), meaning I could only buy something if I'd finished off a like product or products. 

Then, about halfway through January, my husband and I nutted out our finances after a few unexpected hits and we've had to tighten things up even more for a while. I saw this as an opportunity to change my low buy to a no buy, which I've sustained for two weeks so far. It's not much, but it's a start ; )

I didn't announce it for a week because I wanted to think it over and be sure I could do it to myself again, and I decided that I could. Unlike the last one - which I'd hoped to sustain for a year - this one's open-ended. I'll see how long I can do this without being ridiculous about the whole thing.

I thought I'd do a report each month, just to let you know how I'm travelling and to also make myself accountable, which can help when the sales come around and it's hard to close your eyes to them ; )

In the first two weeks of January I did buy an eyebrow gel because I'd run out of mine, and also a Maybelline lipstick and a Revlon BB cream, because I'd finished two like products of each respectively and they were on sale for 50 per cent off at Chemist Warehouse. So I did manage to sneak in a few things before the blanket ban started, which I'm pleased about because they were on my wishlist anyway.

Anyhoo. This is just a short note to say that, since my low buy morphed into a spending ban, I have stuck with it and we've got through the month following the rules that I had in place at the time. Huzzah!

I'll check back in soon with another update. Do let me know if you're on a spending ban or low buy, or have ever done one. I'd love to hear : )

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