Project Pan 2016: update #1


Welcome to my first full Project Pan update of 2016!

It's always a bit daunting doing these posts because I have such a long list and so many photos to take, but I managed to sneak in some shots yesterday while my husband was home from work and could keep an eye on the little one for me.

Here's my current PP list:
  • ModelCo Colourbox Eyeshadow in Tahiti 
  • Emite Make Up Precision Eye Pencil in Spir 
  • Bloom Eye Definer Pencil in Dark Brown
  • Dd'ell Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 in Espresso
  • Be a Bombshell Eye Base in Nudist
  • 'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Eyeshadow + Base 
  • 'Tini Beauty Pearl Fizz Eyeshadow
  • Croquis Duo Concealer
  • Evelyn Iona Concealer in Flawless
  • Australis AC ON Tour kit
  • The Cosmetic Kitchen Pressed Mineral Blush in Raw Cacao
  • Lust Have It Sunset Strobe Natural Highlighter
  • Pureplus+ Milk Bebe Lip Treatment
  • SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipsticks in Ranunculus and Beluga 
  • Mememe Cosmetics Goddess Rocks
  • Shangai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Amy Baby Pink
  • ModelCo BB+ Cream in Medium
  • Benefit Cha Cha Tint
  • Royal Nature The Soothing Blemish Balm
  • Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder

I've included the two products I finished off earlier in the month (I talked about those in two separate mini updates), and here are the three products I've finished in the last few days:

Both the Royal Nature Blemish Balm and the Benefit Cha Cha Tint have been on my list for ages, so I'm pleased I've finally finished them.

The Shanghai Suzy Lipstick in Miss Amy was a newer inclusion, but it started to get waxy and melty towards the end, so I lost a bit because it broke and fell on the floor. Since it was almost finished anyway, I didn't mind losing that last little bit.

As for my other products:

My SweetPea & Fay Liquid Lipsticks are new inclusions and I doubt I'll ever finish them, but I've been using them most days so at least I can say that I'm getting my money's worth from them.

The Pureplus+ Milk Bebe Lip Treatment is getting more of a workout now that I've finished off the Shanghai Suzy lipstick, so I expect it won't last too long. Another three months maybe?

My hatred of this Australis AC On Tour palette continues, but at least I can say that I've made some good dents in it!

The shimmer shade is almost finished and the yellow and pink highlighters are vanishing quickly, plus I've also started using that middle contour shade as a brow powder - which is all it's good for (at least for me), given how patchy it is when applied to other parts of my face.

I'm not using my Croquis Dual Concealer as much as I would like, and it may be that I switch it out of circulation soon and save it for the cooler months, when I'm paler and it's a better colour match for my skin.

The Evelyn Iona Concealer is getting used daily and I've hit 'pan', but there's still a lot of product left in there so I expect it to last another few months.

My 'Tini Beauty eyeshadow has some pan showing - woot woot! I love this product and I use it every day, whether on my eyes or as a subtle highlighter. I love it and am glad I've got a back up for it because it's such a good and useful product.

Loot at my ModelCo eyeshadow! That's been with me since the beginning of 2015, and it's finally starting to look like I'll finish it soon enough. I stopped using it as a brow powder because it was so dark and I had to apply it so carefully, and I now use it as a dry shampoo. Slow and steady wins the race ; )

I'm not using my 'Tini Beauty Eye Cordial as often as I was, and it's another product that I might move out of circulation soon because I've used it so much that I don't mind casting it aside for something else. I might do that next month.

The Be a Bombshell Eye Base is getting used daily on my collarbones and shoulders throughout summer, since it's rubbish on the eyes and transfers in a heartbeat. I've no idea how long it'll take to finish this one - another six months?

Those pencils have lasted a lot longer than I'd thought they would, but the Emite Cream Pencil is almost dead and I reckon it will be done within a couple of weeks.

The Dd'ell and Bloom products are still going strong, so they may well last out the year. I'll be interested to see how long it takes to finish these since I don't use much of them each day and they don't seem to be getting any smaller.

These are my newer products and they'll take a while to start looking worn. The Mememe Goddess Rocks won't last ages because I'm crushing those and adding them to my body cream for a nice summer glow, so they shouldn't last any more than six months.

The Sunset Strobe Highlighter and Raw Cacao Blush, however, are in for the long haul. I doubt they'll be done by the end of the year, but we'll see.

Above are the products I'm replacing the three finished items with.

I picked the Teeez eyeliner because I'm using that every day on my upper waterline anyway, so I thought I may as well add it to the list.

The Bodyography foundations I'm only including because they're my oldest bases - not because I want to finish them! I absolutely love them but they've been open for over a year now, so it's time to start using them up before they go rancid.

Bodyography Natural Finish Foundation in 160 and 165

Full review here. These are my HG foundations and I love them. They offer a natural finish that's barely detectable, but they're still buildable so you can get higher coverage from them if you want.

I've always saved these for special occasions because I love how they look (and they don't contain SPF so they're good for things like weddings when you might get photographed), but it's time to use them more often to get my money's worth - I don't want to waste a drop of them!

I'll use these maybe four or five days a week, and hope they'll be done by the end of March. They're better summer colours anyway, so I'd prefer to finish them by then.

Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner in Black Onyx

I've reviewed this here. If you read this blog, you'll know that I don't normally wear black eyeliner because I prefer a more natural look, but I've recently discovered the benefits of lining the upper waterline if you have hooded eyes: it can really lift the lashline and add definition, without giving the 'I'm wearing eyeliner' look (you can't tell the liner is there - it just makes my lashes look thicker).

I reckon I'll finish this within six months. I picked this product over my other black eyeliners because it's a fantastic liner that doesn't transfer - even on the upper lashline, where lining is hazardous if you have hooded eyes - so I'm more than happy to use it every day.

In sum

Woot woot to finishing off some products nice and early in the year! I'll check back in soon with another update.

Let me know if you're doing Project Pan and how you're going if so : )

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