Garnier Micellar Cleansing Wipes - review


Even though I vowed never to buy another brand of facial wipe after discovering my HG Essenzza Fuss Free Naturals (reviewed here), when I saw these at half price in the supermarket last month I thought I may as well give them a go: who can resist a good bargain?!

Plus I'd heard great things about Garnier's Micellar Water, so I thought these wipes might be good too. Happily they are quite good and I recommend them, although I would still choose my Essenzzas over these any day.

Garnier claims/product details:
  • Extra gentle wipes that contain thin silk fibres in a thick, soft wipe
  • Soaked with micellar water and specially formulated for makeup removal on sensitive skin
  • Like a magnet, the cleansing agents capture impurities and lift away dirt from the skin
  • No need to rub to efficiently remove makeup
  • In a single step, your makeup is removed and your skin feels refreshed and soothed
  • To use: gently cleanse your face with a single wipe, including your eyelids and neck, in the morning and evening; no need to rinse; re-seal the adhesive panel to help prevent the wipes from drying out
  • RRP $6.99 for 25 wipes, but do shop around


These wipes are good and I recommend them. They're not fantastic, but they're better than many other wipes I've used.

The first thing I noticed about them was that the texture of each wipe is different from any other wipe I've tried: these are quite thick, soft and silky, and they feel great against the skin. They don't have that awesome textured side as the Essenzza versions do (so they don't exfoliate and cleanse as well), but they stand out for their texture and I enjoy using them for that reason alone.

They have a faint, fresh scent that shouldn't offend anyone, and there's plenty of moisture in each wipe so they earn points on that front. Having said this, I often wet my wipe with water once I've used both sides, just to get the most out of it and avoid taking out a second one.

When it comes to actually cleansing the face of makeup, that's where these wipes fall down for me. They do a good job of 'easy' makeup like tinted moisturiser and powders (although you may need more than one wipe to get your skin really clean), but they don't remove all my eyeliner and mascara - waterproof or otherwise. Few wipes do, in my experience, so they don't lose a huge amount of points for that but it's worth mentioning.

On the product claims: yes these are gentle and they don't irritate my sensitive skin; yes they do contain a good amount of moisture and have a silky texture; yes they do remove most makeup and grime but you may need more than one wipe to get the job done properly, and they don't remove stubborn eye makeup.

All in all, these wipes are good and I recommend them. I prefer my Essenzzas so I wouldn't buy them again, but I'm glad I've given them a go.

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