Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow in Dolline (Apricot) - review and swatches


I've had this blush for almost a year now and I've never reviewed it - partly because I wanted to wait until my photos improved and partly because it was only in the last year or so that I started to accrue a few high-end blushes and eyeshadows, so I wanted to give myself time to test them all and work out which ones I liked best.

After boatloads of testing - whether of my own products or those I've had applied to my cheeks in-store - I can now say that Hourglass blushes are my favourites of all time, but Kevyn Aucoin and Becca blushes come a very close second.

So yes, it is indeed true: I like these products better than Nars blushes. I know I'll shock a few people with that comment, but there it is!

The packaging of Kevyn Aucoin blushes is beautifully luxe. I like the gold boxes, and the little embossed velvet pocket that comes with each powder product is a nice touch.

The compacts are nice, practical containers that open when you hit the gold bar at the base, and they click shut securely and come complete with a mirror. To look at, I prefer Hourglass and Becca packaging but these do look fancy, and of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

One thing to note is that the blushes contain a smaller-than-average 3.1g of product. This doesn't bother me because I never hit pan on blushes anyway (I have quite a few and rotate them, so nothing gets finished within a few years), but the size of these blushes might be important to some so it's worth mentioning.

Kevyn Aucoin claims/product details:
  • Infuses a soft, ethereal glow to the skin
  • A feather-light powder that produces subtle, long-lasting radiance and dimension
  • Designed to work perfectly on all skintones
  • 'Dolline' is described as an 'apricot' that's designed to 'add warmth'
  • Super blendable
  • RRP $46 AUD for 3.1g, but do shop around (I picked mine up from Beautybay at 20% off)

There's the colour above and below. It's a beautiful warm apricot that should work for most skintones. 

It's matte but it's not a flat matte. I don't know how they've done it, but the product manages to be glitter/sheen-free but still delivers a slight glow that lifts the face.

 Swatched below in natural light (a heavier stripe on the left and blended out on the right):

Wearing the product indoors, in natural light (you can click on any image to enlarge it):

Wearing it outdoors:

One more indoors, in slightly different light:


This is a beautiful blush and I'm so glad I own it. It's one of those blushes that works with any look and can be worn lightly (as I have above) or built up for a more intense colour.

It adds an amazing, natural glow to the skin - quite like Hourglass blushes do - that lifts the face and looks so pretty without being too much. It's also exactly my kind of colour, and one I wear more than I do any other shade. I have looked at swatches of other blushes from the range but this is the only one that calls to me, so I'll just be happy to use and love this.

Another great thing about this blush is that it's foolproof: while the colour is there, it's not so pigmented that you have to be careful with it - and I've never made a 'blush error' with it and wound up with too much colour on my cheeks. I love anything that's hard to stuff up, so that's a huge plus for me.

On that, it also applies well and almost diffuses itself, so I don't need to spend ages getting this to look even and blended. That's also important to me because, like many, I don't have the time to work hard with my makeup - I need things I can just slap on while I'm chasing my toddler around the house with one eye on her and one eye on my compact. So this product ticks that box too.

As for product claims, as far as I'm concerned it meets them all: it does give a soft, ethereal glow; it is lightweight, subtle and long-lasting; it is super blendable; and it does add warmth and dimension to the face.

In sum, I love this product and I've given it an HG tag. It's one of the few blushes I own that I would repurchase if I ever finished it because I can't imagine ever growing tired of it.

Full marks from me : )

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