Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in 216 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - review and swatches


This Marc Jacobs mini lipstick has been up for review for ages, it's just that I've had so many posts to write as we come into the end of 2017 that it's been on hold while I've done more time-sensitive posts.

But this lipstick is on my Project Pan list and I'm at the point where I'm scraping product out of the lower cap so it's time to review it before I send it to the empties bin.

And I'm looking forward to sending it to the empties bin, I must say. I know a lot of people love these lipsticks but I don't because the formula isn't hydrating enough for my dry lips. How unusual ; )

Indeed, I was surprised that I didn't like this lipstick because Youtuber Jessica Braun raves about the formula, and she tends to have quite similar tastes to mine (she's one of the few people who finds MAC lipsticks to be drying, which I agree with) so I really thought that I'd love these.

But I don't, so there you go. I'm going to assume that the formula across the board is the same (or at least very similar), so now that I've tried this GWP and don't like it, I've happily scratched another high-end lipstick off my list.

Marc Jacobs claims/product details:
  • A rich, creamy lipstick that redefines luxury with instant indulgent colour 
  • Provides 10 hours of wear
  • The unprecedented payoff comes from concentrated colour-boosting pigments that are triple-milled and enriched with hydrating ingredients
  • Imparts long-lasting colour and moisture
  • Your lips will feel instantly plumped and nourished from powerful peptides, antioxidant-rich seaberry and natural humectants, including meranti and cocoa butter
  • Its subtle vanilla taste and scent mimic a decadent dessert
  • Just snap the case shut and hear a satisfying click, which Marc Jacobs describes as 'the sound of luxury'
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates and phthalates
  • RRP $43 AUD

I do like the fancy little packaging of this mini - it's the kind of product that I may well keep for display purposes after I've finished it.

'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' is described as 'baked rose' and I get that because it's pink without being too pink and it's quite rich and deep in colour, so it's one of the few pinks I can wear (pink normally doesn't suit me).

There's the bullet in direct sunlight above.

And there it is in natural light below:

Next, swatches.

Indirect sunlight:

Natural light:

And light and heavy swatches in direct sunlight (yes, I photographed these swatches on different days, just to keep you on your toes ; )):

My bare lips for reference:

Wearing the lipstick, natural light:

And indirect sunlight:


I don't think this is a terrible lipstick but I don't love it for a few reasons so I'll be glad to finish it.

While the product feels nicely creamy and smooth when applied, within a few seconds my dry lips start to feel very dry beneath it. Indeed, I can't wear this consistently for a whole day (and definitely not on consecutive days) because my lips start to crack and flake something chronic if I do.

Also, you'll see above that the formula doesn't do much for my lip lines, and since the main thing I look for in a lip product is something that smooths out my lips, this product is an automatic fail for me. Sure I can wear a gloss over the top, but my lips still feel dry underneath the gloss and I would rather just have a lipstick that deals with texture for me.

Also, there's something weird and grainy about this formula that I don't like. When I rub my lips together, there's a definite grainy sensation so I don't enjoy wearing the product. I'm also aware of it on my lips and I prefer a lipstick that I can't feel, so it loses points there too.

The good news, though, is that it wears very well so you don't need to keep reapplying it. Also, when it does fade, it fades evenly and leaves a stain behind so you don't need to 'babysit' it throughout the day.

Shade 216 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a flattering pink that's not too bright and it's also quite rich and deep in colour so I can see it suiting a lot of different complexions. Sure it's not my favourite shade because I'm just not a pink person, but I can wear it so that's a plus.

All in all, I don't hate this product but it's not for me and I personally don't think it's worth the price-tag. Indeed, it's probably the only Marc Jacobs product I've tried to date that I don't love, so that's something to keep in mind.

Not for me.

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