40th birthday wrap-up


Yesterday was Mex's 40th birthday party, and I mentioned that I would jump online today and let you know how it went.

I think it went pretty well, and we don't have too much cleaning to do today so that's a plus. Mind you, now that everything's over, I've of course managed to wake up with a cold this morning - the same way that you often get sick on a holiday.

This of course wasn't helped by the fact that I took the monitor last night because my husband went out after the party with some of the interstate friends who'd come down for the event, and while the kids slept through, all it takes is a soft cry every hour or two for me to be unable to get back to sleep. Such is the life of a chronic insomniac.

One of the good things about yesterday was that it was the first larger event that we'd hosted at this house, so we got to see how the house worked for entertaining. You get to see a house in a different way when you entertain, I think - you realise new things about it that you mightn't have noticed before.

We worked out, for example, that there are three different sections for entertaining - there's the living room, the back of the house and also the side - and you can see where everyone is through the windows so I think the overall design works pretty well for holding functions.

We also learned that our BBQ is a bit temperamental and it tends to cook meat too quickly, which I suppose isn't that surprising because the oven does the same thing (it's an ongoing struggle, that damn oven), so we'll be armed with that knowledge for next time.

It was also a weird event in some ways because it was a mish-mash of people who don't all know each other. Some were Mex's friends from the Latin-American community, some were his work friends, some were my friends from different parts of my life and others were families we've met because our kids have made friends with their kids.

I did wonder how that side of things would go, but people seemed to merge very well so that's a plus. Perhaps this partly comes from the fact that many people had kids there who ended up playing together, which can help with joining separate worlds.

Well, I don't have a hell of a lot more to say on this topic other than that there's not a huge clean up to be done today so I'm pleased about that. I've done enough cleaning to last me a lifetime, gardening too. Indeed, I've already announced to my husband that I'm not doing ANY cleaning today. Enough is enough. I need a day off.

What I do need to do today is rest and hopefully knock this damn cold on the head before it really takes hold. There's a lot that needs to happen this week, so if I can get some rest today while the in-laws are still here to help with the kids, then that's what I'm going to do.

That's all from me. Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

* All images courtesy of unsplash.com

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