Alpha-H Absolute Lip Perfector - review and swatches


I've been meaning to review this lip balm for ages and I keep opening the draft post and deciding to review something else, so today I'm going to make myself sit down and do it!

I think the reason why I've kept delaying my review is that it contains peppermint and I have an intolerance to peppermint (of course I only worked that out more recently, otherwise I would never have bought it), so it's not easy for me to give this product a fair review because I find it uncomfortable to wear.

Indeed, the only way I can use it is to layer it over other lip products, which of course wasn't the idea of buying a balm (it was meant to go underneath them) and it's hard to give a complete review of a product in those circumstances.

I shall try!

Alpha-H claims/product details:

  • A multitasking lip treatment, a combined serum and balm
  • Nourishes, hydrates, plumps, redefines and minimises fine vertical lines
  • Infused with refreshing peppermint, wild mint and honeycomb extract to nourish, condition and lock in moisture for softer, fuller lips
  • Offers long-term hydration benefits and protection from environmental aggressors when applied during the daytime
  • Also works as a powerful nighttime anti-ageing treatment: applied before bedtime, you wake up with supple lips, enhanced moisturisation that lasts all day, and noticeably increased lip volume
  • For all skin types
  • RRP $32 for 10ml, but do shop around (from memory I bought mine for around $20 AUD)


Now I haven't bothered with swatches for this product because they don't show much, but I can confirm that the picture on Alpha-H's website is pretty accurate (see here): that is, this product doesn't plump the lips, but it does minimise the look of vertical lines and it has a general smoothing effect so I agree with those claims.

It's a plain, clear balm that smells like mint. You're meant to apply it as you would any balm (so by itself or underneath your lipstick), but unfortunately I can't do this because I can't tolerate the sting of the peppermint.

I've seen others comment on the tingly feeling this leaves but many have said that they find it fresh and also that their lips got used to it over time. Mine haven't. Perhaps my lips are more sensitive than I realised, although honestly I think it's just that I can't tolerate peppermint as well as others can (I don't like it in my skincare either).

Once applied it looks velvety (rather than glossy) on the lips, and as mentioned above, I agree that it has a smoothing effect and helps target vertical lines. I wouldn't however call it a lip plumper because it doesn't plump up the lips but rather smooths them out, so I don't agree with that claim and I'm not the first person to have mentioned this.

Considering that I can't wear this alone and I have to layer it over other products (if I leave it on my bare lips for too long, after about five minutes I have to wipe it off because I can't bear it anymore), I'm probably not the best person to tell you what this does on its own over time. Having said this, I have noticed a general reduction in the look of my vertical lines while I've been using this product so I'm prepared to believe that it improves the appearance of your lips over time - or at least while you continue to use it.

Also, I can't say whether it nourishes the lips when used alone because I can't use it alone, but I have seen other reviewers say that this product is great for dry lips and also chapped lips over the cooler months. Given that it hasn't dried my lips out and that it does make any lipstick I wear underneath it feel more nourishing and less drying, I can offer gentle support to those claims.

Overall I don't hate this product but I obviously wouldn't buy it again, given that I can't tolerate peppermint. But it you don't have issues with peppermint then this might be one to try: it's had some great reviews online and many of them are consistent.

Ok but not for me.

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