Pan that Palette 2018: I've recharged my custom palette!


Hello and welcome to this update post for Pan that Palette 2018.

A few days ago I did my March update for the challenge (see here) and in that post I promised to recharge my custom palette in the days ahead and then report back with my new palette.

That's what I'm doing today.

Below is how my palette looked at the end of March's update:

As you can see, there's a lot of space here that I needed to fill.

Below is how I've filled it:

Same shot, enhanced:

Let's go through the individual portions of the palette.

Left side:

Enhanced for clarity:

Top left, we have Nars Cyprus: a single shadow I bought ages ago but never use. I would like to make at least some progress on it this year so let's see if I can hit pan by Christmas.

Next to that is the Clarins bronzer that was in the large round pan from my previous custom palette. I re-pressed that into a smaller pan so I could fit more in - and to do this, I had to re-press the remains of my highlighter from theBalm into a smaller pan (bottom right). My aim is to finish both these pans completely this year.

Bottom left, we have three loose powders from Marsk that I pressed into pans before decluttering the full-sizes. They're all nice shades but they don't last on the eye (even with a glitter glue) so I tend to only use them for 'play time' before my shower in the evening. Still, they're taking up space and I would like to finish them.

Next to those we have the infamous Nars Orgasm, a blush that I only ever use as an eyeshadow because it's got too much chunky gold glitter it in for my personal tastes. As with Cyprus, my aim here is to hit pan this year and then perhaps finish off the product at a later date. Yes it's only a mini, but there's still plenty of powder in here so it will last a good while.

There's the top right of the palette:


Up the top we have my two Burberry blushes, being Tangerine (left) and Earthy (right). I'm not expecting to make a huge amount of progress in either of these this year, but if I can make enough so it's not too hard to finish them off next year, then that's what I'd like to do.

Below that (right) we have my Stila orange shade from the Eyes are the Window (Mind) palette. It's now my last-remaining Stila shadow so I would like to finish it sometime this year.

Then we have the blush Nars Sin (repressed into a smaller pan) and also the eyeshadow duo, Nars Isolde. These are also carried over from my custom palette as it was before this update, and I can see myself finishing Sin this year but Isolde might be harder. We'll see.

Last up, the bottom right-hand side of the palette:


Let's go left to right, top to bottom.

The first three shadows (so the purple, orange and terracotta) are from Bleach London. I've barely used these but they fit nicely in the palette so I decided to include them - even though I don't need to finish them any time soon because they're the newest eyeshadows I own. Beside them is a dark brown from Becca, and with all four of these shades, my aim is not to finish them but to make some progress so I can pan them at a later date.

Below those we have four shadows from Ardency Inn: Sunday, Heaven, Disco and Rose Gold. The last three have been carried over from before, but Sunday is new and I decided to include it so I could have a go at panning these together. I'm not sure how I'll go with the two golds but you can see that the other two are on the way out.

I need to review my shadows from Ardency Inn and Bleach London (as well as Nars Cyprus and Orgasm), so stay tuned for those reviews if you're interested.

In sum

That's all from me.

I hope you enjoyed this little post. I'm looking forward to checking back in later on so you can see how much progress I'm making: my next Pan that Palette update is due at around the 20th of April, so you'll see how much I've been able to use these shadows then.

Otherwise there's not much to say other than that I hope you're all going well with your own panning projects. Do include any links in the comments so I can follow your progress: I love to see how others are going with their own projects.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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