Contact dermatitis: six and seven week update


The last update I wrote on my skin issue was back towards the beginning of March, and I realised today that it was high time I did another one.

It won't be a long update because I don't have much to report, but I wanted to check in quickly for those of you who've been looking out for these posts for whatever reason.

To cut a long story short (because I'm all for short right now: I'm a bit over everything to be honest), I was meant to see my dermatologist on 16 March but unfortunately I was no longer able to keep my appointment.

Why? Both Mex and Mum were initially available to babysit for me so I could go without the kids, but apparently the universe conspired to make them both no longer available on that particular day.

Boo foo boo. But hoh well, these things happen. My new appointment is on the 6th of April, because of course the Easter break had the indecency to intervene in the middle.

Also worth noting is that my doctor had allowed me to introduce some of my skincare back once we'd established that the DermAid 1% wasn't working, but he asked me to hold off on the active ingredients until I saw him in (what was meant to be) two weeks.

Once that date had passed and there'd been no change in my white patches at all - neither the look of them nor the texture; they're still not holding powder products like the rest of my face - I had a bit of a 'bugger everything' moment and brought the active ingredients back in last Friday.

Why? Because my skin's bloody missed them and it wasn't looking or feeling great, and I'm happy to say that my skin has finally started to look and feel human again in less than a week.

Thank golly for that.

And while I may get a slap over the wrist for my unilateral decision, perhaps you can see why I made it. I mean, neither treatment had worked so it was high time for my skin at least to feel better (especially because we've all been sick for almost three weeks now). 

I don't regret it. White patches aside, my skin looks younger, healthier and better already. And we've had quite a few social events on lately (with more to come) - so I'd prefer to have better, smoother skin for those because it ensures that my dry skin doesn't 'cling' to makeup and it's therefore easier for me to wear less of it, which is my preference after all.

Anyhoo. That's all from me for now. I'll check back in after my appointment in April.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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