CLE Cosmetics Essence Moonlighter Cushion in Copper Rose - review and swatches


I've owned this highlighter for almost a year now, but I was going to declutter it so it's only been over the last month that I've finally started testing it.

What I realised during that time is that although I prefer powder highlighters for the face because I find those easier and faster to apply, I do like liquids for the body (larger/wider application area) and this is one of the nicest and most natural highlighters I've used on my body so I'll keep it.

CLE Cosmetics claims/product details:

  • Infused with ingredients such as squalane and moisturising essence
  • Adds luminous and iridescent radiance to the skin
  • Moisturising and calming formula
  • Long-lasting 
  • Buildable glow
  • Available in three shades: Apricot Tinge, Copper Rose and Glinting Buff
  • RRP $30 USD for 12g

It's a cushion product that comes in a white compact, complete with a mirror and sponge applicator. The packaging is lightweight and there's a plastic lid to protect the cushion and stop the contents from seeping out, so you could throw this in your handbag if you wanted to.

Do note that I've only used the cushion applicator once. I found it difficult to get a targeted application with this on the face, and I reckon you're much better off using a brush or a finger to apply this - or maybe that's just me.

Light and heavy swatches, indirect sunlight:

Direct sunlight:

Natural light:


I think this is a nice product but it hasn't convinced me that liquid or cream highlighters are something I want to use on my face, for the simple reason that powders are faster and easier - and I'm always going to go for the easy route. 

It's a liquid highlighter that comes in a standard cushion compact. As mentioned above, I only used the cushion once before opting to use my fingers because that's easier and it's also my preference, although you could certainly use a brush too.

The product spreads and applies well, and it does dry down so it will stay where you've put it, although I usually prefer setting it to help with longevity.

I also like how it looks on the skin: it has that wet look that's more transparent than opaque (and therefore more natural-looking) and it also doesn't emphasise texture on the face.

Worth noting is that while in natural light it looks as though it offers more of a sheen, when I step into sunlight or artificial light, I can see some very finely milled glitter in this - so it's not completely shimmer-free but it's incredibly hard to see whatever glitter is in there so I wouldn't worry about that if you have a preference for natural highlights.

In other news this does last well on the skin and I enjoy how it looks on the collarbones and shoulders: it's at one with the skin, and because it doesn't look dry, in some lights it looks as though that's my actual skin, rather than something I've added on top.

Overall I think this is a nice highlighter and I do recommend it, although it's an expensive product and you would want to love liquid/cushion highlighters in order to buy it.

Nice but not a keeper.

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