BareMinerals Bare Haven Essential Moisturising Soft Cream - review


This face cream came in a BareMinerals kit that I opened around six weeks ago (see unboxing post here) and it's the first item of the three that I'm ready to review.

I opened the set because I needed a day cream so I thought I would use this one, and while I haven't opened the serum yet, I have started using the cleanser so that review isn't far off either.

The good news is, I like this cream and I recommend it. The other goods news is that I've sampled quite a few things from BareMinerals' newer skincare range over the last year and I've been impressed with a lot of it so I'm planning to test more from the line in 2019.

BareMinerals claims/product details:

  • Revitalise and revive skin with this silky-soft moisturising cream, designed to replenish moisture levels in normal to dry skin types
  • Powered by Intuitive Mineral Moisture Technology, this nourishing moisturiser delivers and locks in hydration, supporting overall resilience and suppleness
  • Enriched with a blend of peptides, ceramides and amino acids to soften and smooth, refining texture and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Clinically shown to immediately increase skin hydration levels by an average of 191%
  • RRP $51 AUD for 50g or $115 AUD for 170g


I think this is a nice cream and while it doesn't perform back-flips, it does the job and I'm enjoying using it. Plus it's not terribly priced for a Mecca item so it's one to keep in mind if you're after a plain moisturiser to seal in your other products.

It's a white cream with a light, fresh scent. The texture is quite rich and moisturising while still being lightweight (it's almost a gel/cream hybrid in texture but not quite) and it spreads and applies well.

I've been using mine in the morning for around six weeks now and what I like about it is that it's nourishing enough for my dry skin while not being too heavy for day use. It also sits well under makeup and my skin still likes it even now that the weather has become warmer, so I could use this throughout the year if I wanted to and that's a plus.

It doesn't feel as though it clogs pores but there's enough moisture in here to keep my dry skin feeling comfortable all day, and it spreads pretty thin so I don't need to use too much of this to cover my whole face, neck and dec. This makes it reasonable value on a price-per-use basis and that's worth mentioning too.

On the claims: yes I do think this revives and replenishes my skin; yes it does make my skin more supple; no it hasn't done anything for my fine lines and wrinkles; and yes it does soften and hydrate my skin.

Overall I think this is a decent moisturiser and it's not ridiculously priced so it's one to consider if you want to buy a nice face cream from Mecca. Indeed, I've tried perhaps seven products from this new BareMinerals line to date and so far I've enjoyed all of them, so I would definitely recommend grabbing samples if you can: you may well find a few favourites.

Worth trying.

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