Pan that Palette 2018: finale


Well, we're heading towards the end of the panning year now and I'm happy to say that I've cleaned out two of the items on my Pan that Palette list - and as promised, I'm winding things up now that they're done.

So I started this challenge on 20 December 2017, and while I'd intended to keep it going until 20 October, since I've finished those two palettes, I'm going to close things down today.

This post will be a short finale post, but I'll do another couple of posts to round up the year - including a tally post and a photos-only post.

Let's have a quick look.

Above is how my Hourglass Surreal Light palette looked last month.

Below is how it's looking now:

In the end it didn't take as long as I'd expected to finish this, although I was able to double-pan the highlighter by mixing that in with my bronzer - it was the blush that held out until yesterday morning.

I love this palette but I'm glad I've finished it because I did buy two of them (that's how much I love it). So now I've just got the one, which I'll keep for travel.

Next, my Burberry quad. Here's how it looked last month:

And now:

So I've cleaned out three of the shades, which is what I was aiming for - the rose shade I'll keep (I'll re-press it into another pan and add it to a custom palette), because I do like it so I'll hang on to it because it's not very old.

The green and brown shades both flaked out of their pans over the past week, and since there was so little left (and I wasn't going to re-press such tiny amounts so I could use them), I ended up turfing them. Enough is enough. I'm done. So glad!

Next, my custom palette. Here's how it looked last month:

And now:

Let's work in sections.

Last month:


So you can see that I've almost finished the cream shade, and to be honest I'll likely include that one in my final empties count because it will be done by the 20th of October.

You'll also notice that the rest of those Doucce pans are showing some good use, as are Nars Cyprus and Orgasm. Indeed, it's been a pretty good month when it comes to this section of the palette.

Left upper chunk, as it was last month:


There's been some decent movement in this section of the palette too. Even my Burberry blushes are starting to look a little more worn (I use those as eyeshadows), and I'll likely continue working on them next year.

Nars Isolde has gotten to the point where I'm happy to mix it with that Laura Mercier highlighter that I'm trying to get through - with the aim being to create new shadows that I prefer using.

Right lower chunk, as it was last month:

The big news here is that I've finally hit pan on that Becca dark brown shadow - and it's good pan because there's a decent dip across the whole middle (I haven't just drilled down), so I can see visible progress starting to move faster on this going forward.

Otherwise I've expanded the pan on the purple and the two golds, and I'll also be mixing these with that Laura Mercier highlighter in order to give myself new shades to play with. Looking forward.

In sum

That's all from me. I'm looking forward to writing a couple more Pan that Palette finale posts (as mentioned above, I'll do a tally post and a photos-only post), noting that I'm separating things so that no post is too long: these posts are long enough.

Overall it's been a successful year for Pan that Palette and I'm looking forward to kicking off Pan that Palette 2019, which I'll likely do towards the end of December this year.

Hope all's well with you, and speak soon x

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